We treat emails more than just words which are being sent to your customers, our processes for email support makes sure every message is being sent with your vision in mind.

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Your purpose

We cannot make a great email strategy unless we know the purpose it is going to serve. When you hire us, you may have a purpose in your mind or a problem you want us to solve for you.

If you require an expertise to get new leads, to convert the existing ones, for a new marketing campaign, to improve your existing marketing campaigns, to connect with our customers in a better way, to solve queries or to send promotional emails, you can hire our expert ChatPandas to do it for you.

To stay ahead of your competitors, identify your stakeholders, create action plans to better connect with them and to have positive outcomes, you can hire our email outsourcing services.

Your customer workflows

To better serve your customers, you need to understand them. Your customers may face a lot of problems while using your product or services and there may be new customers who want to know if your products can serve their needs.

Analyzing and understanding customer workflows can help with customer onboarding, technical query resolution, customer engagement, billing order and return order management. It gives us a direction of all the touch points in a customer journey and helps us add value to those touch points. We aim to minimize waiting times and ease customer frustration and they can submit their queries in the form of tickets.

Your Marketing Campaigns

Your marketing campaigns are one of the biggest mediums where you bring your product or service infront of your target audience. By analyzing your marketing campaign, we understand your targeted customer, their buying behavior, your buyer personas and it gives us a better idea of who can better benefit from your brand.

However, sometimes, marketing campaigns cannot encapsulate the whole vision of your business to your consumers and it fails to give the big picture to your target audience. They may miss your ad commercial, your brand on a shopping bag or the billboard. Here’s where ChatPandas step in. We make sure to provide you with a complete email support experience to help deliver targeted emails and solve tickets so no query goes unanswered.

Your business values and culture

We know that you not only want to serve your customers, but you also want them to know about your values and culture. ChatPandas makes sure to provide a ‘wow experience’ to your customers while keeping the values of your business in mind. Your business is not only a way to sell your product but it also represent what you believe in.

Your values are an intrinsic part of your business and we make sure every email and every interaction we have with your customers reflecting the ethics of your business. We absorb your values, ethics, vision and mission and train our ChatPandas in a way that they act like your brand ambassadors and become an active part of your mission.

Our Strategy

Our first step towards success as your customer support outsourcing partner is to set a strong strategy and vision from the start. We establish a management structure, create a model with your analytical and functional departments and identify solutions to resolve concerns.

We work with you to anticipate future trends in cx and help in creative solution to provide that ‘wow experience’ to your customers. Depending on your priorities, we align your current solution to your long term and short term goals, set up and track your KPIs, develop a training manual, track progress of KPIs, keep track of your budget and set up ROI targets.

Our Process Designing

Process designing is where it all comes together and we like to start with SOPs. Our process designing has the primary goal of providing quality results and we focus more on process-specific solution instead of following archaic hierarchies. We believe in providing individual authority to make sure every individual is provided with the freedom to perform their tasks and contribute towards the good of the company.

We develop tier based system, escalations, define roles of every individual, define departmental duties, and develop cross departmental communication. We also define teams on the basis of customer issues and develop teams based on priority, language, time of the day and their ability to handle certain type of queries.

Our Training

At ChatPandas we hire people based on the clients’ requirements and we create job descriptions based on what they would have required from a candidate in their organization. Our employee acquisition process is based on extensive screening to ensure only the most successful specialists come aboard. We replicate our clients’ working environment, employee descriptions and hire people based on their preferences. The requirements that you have from your employees, we make sure we hire the same people here making sure our ChatPandas are the best you can get.

We work hand in hand with our clients to acquire training material from them and analyze the data. If not, we understand their clientele and can even develop a customized training material based on the requirements of their business.

Our Ongoing Optimization

The industry, trends, customer’s perceptions and needs evolve with time – and so should your strategies. At ChatPandas, we believe that the only constant is change. We believe that excellent training only begins when it never ends. This is why we are always evolving, improving our benchmarks, proceses, training methodologies. We do onoing iteration based on the feedback received.

We develop strong ticket support system, customer experience strategies, lead generation, email marketing strategies and continuously analyze your customers to better target them and their needs. Our ongoing optimization means we meet the changing demands of this competitive global economy and make sure you are always ahead of your competitors.

Our Reporting

We develop KPIs according to your ongoing campaigns, short-term and long-term goals. We track the flow of incoming requests and track progress of our agents and teams to give you a clear report of current performance.

We take data from ACD, IVE and workforce management to develop insightful reports to have a clear picture of processes and can plan strategies according to this data. By taking advantage of these reports, we can work hand-in-hand with you to improve customer experience. With our predictive analysis and forecasting, we predict future trends in CX and can even keep tomorrow’s customers happy. Our reports can also give you a clear picture of customer retention rates and the processes which helped with lead conversion.

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