Multi-channel tech support

Become As Multi-channel As Your Customers Are

Through our multi-channel tech support, no matter which channel a customer chooses to reach out to us, the information will be shared through all platforms.

What is generally the first course of action when a user encounters a technical problem within a software?

Most of them turn to web sources, in-built application help and product communities before any human intervention.

However, if a customer fails to find a solution to their query after searching, they can turn towards tech support where our team will guide them thoroughly.

A customer can opt for any channel be it call, live chat or support tickets for the resolution of their queries and our job is to be present at every platform 24/7 so no query goes unattended.

Tech support through call, live chat and email support


All based covered

Level 3 tech support

Imagine a distraught customer at 3 am in the morning asking for in app support?

Here’s where our tech support comes in handy!

We provide 3 level tech support which includes issue tracking, configuration control,
remote troubleshooting, support regarding product activation, billing, integration
issues and software installation.
Not only that, we also provide product training and extensive in app technical

Our ChatPandas stand ready in assisting your customers around the globe (24/7, 365 days).

We become an extension of your company providing up to tier 3 tech support which can not only convert potential buyers who look up the product on the web but can also resolve complaints from existing buyers and thus helping with customer retention.

Process Development

Businesses can lose most of their customers due to long waiting times

Want to make sure this never happens to you?

Meet our Chat Pandas who are known for their instant response times be it live
chat, call or email. We define processes and make standard operating procedures
(SOPs) for our clients and undertake departmentalization which can help you with
your business procedures. We give priority to each and every customer of yours and
make sure no one leaves frustrated or disappointed, and that too in the least
possible time.

Customer service is the heart of any business.

Elevate your customer service with multi-channel ticket management, help desk
automation, CRM and social media integration, billing and workflow management
software and live chat software.