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Chat Pandas entails businesses to grow beyond limitations whilst delivering exceptional customer support. We understand your business and bring your customers to the forefront.



About Chat Pandas

Maximise the effectiveness of your current web visitors

Chat Pandas offers a suite of products that will transform the experience your customers are offered.

The pioneers of 24/7 managed live chat, Chat Panda's are the leading, award winning chat solution chosen by clients worldwide. Our chat solution is the highest-converting function you can put on your website, with our clients reporting returns on investment that run into the thousands of percent!

Our additional expertise in inbound and outbound marketing we deliver exceptional customer insights and reporting that allows you insights never seen before to grow your business.


Why choose Live Chat for your customer engagement?

How we increase web conversions, ROI and maximize returns on your PPC Campaigns 

Award winning customer satisfaction, with Chat Pandas you can rest assured 

Why choose Live Chat for your customer engagement?

Managed Live Chat

Our Award Winning solution from Chat Pandas guarantees to increase your business opportunities, deliver an exceptional ROI, create new leads, help retain existing customers and increase sales. Did we forget to mention the major benefit of Live Chat? Your customer satisfaction! 
Our team of operators, or should we call them magic pandas, are dedicated resources to your business. We take our time and put great effort in learning the background of your business, your ethos, chat etiquette's, products or services and your customer mix to devise a strategy tailored to your business. We at Chat Pandas believe every business is different, and so is every customer, so we tailor our services based on your needs, and our greetings are personalized to your customers!
We work in a number of industries which include but are not limited to SaaS, Real Estate, Legal, Hospitality, Automotive, E-Commerce, Telecom, IT and many more. 

Why Choose Chat Pandas

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    Operate In-house

    Our award winning solution is not outsourced to further companies. Unlike the majority of Live Chat companies who operate by outsourcing your work to other agents, we manage our work with customers directly. This enables us to understand the client needs and wants from the people who know the business best.....YOU!
    We escalate issues with your website and customers in real time. If your a business that decides to have a promotion, we are a simple call away to adhere to all your business requirements.

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    Customer Satisfaction

    Having been in the industry for over a decade, we know how to speak to all customers. We understand if customers may be annoyed with late deliveries, or issues with software and services. Throughout our services, we have always maintained an above 85% customer satisfaction rate to our clients, to retain your valuable customers!

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    We hire a team of professional QC staff to report all your customer behavior and analytics to our clients on a regular basis. 
    Our clients are given access to a personalized dashboard that is updated in real time with chat logs and all the following performance metrics; Chat Engagement, Chat Satisfaction, Greetings Conversion, Response Timing, Chat Availability, ROI Conversion, Sales Report & Queue Abandonment.

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    GDPR Compliance

    In the era of data security, we ensure all customers have their data secured on the cloud servers. Our systems enable us to mask all private data, ensuring our clients satisfaction when we handle your customer database.
    Our agents are trained on governing laws and we ensure to sign data protection and privacy forms with our clients, giving you a peace of mind when signing to Chat Pandas. 

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Implementation Process

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    Knowledge Bank

    After choosing Chat Pandas as your preferred service provider we take time to understand your business and create an in-depth Knowledge Bank which is signed off and approved by your team. 

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    Training our Pandas

    We take pride in our detailed training methods and undergo intensive language and product/service training before we go live on your website. We ensure through test chats that our agents are equipped with the required knowledge before going live.

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    Go Live 

    Its time to enjoy our award winning service. We update you with leads and escalations on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis as we are tailored to your requirements.

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    Enjoy the result

    All of our clients are given a dedicated Account Manager for their business. Our Account Managers keep in constant contact with your staff to update them on all reporting metrics and any website issues. Our satisfaction is your success. 

Our features have no limits!

Enjoy the advantages of unlimited features which Chat Pandas has to offer.

  • Live Chat

    - Personalized Greetings;- Increase in sales conversion by up-to 40%;- Increase in customer satisfaction;- NO SET UP FEES.

  • Call Center

    - Professional Answering services;- We listen to your customers to increase conversions ;- Personalized to your required campaigns;- Maintaining quality control throughout.

  • Email Answering

    - Professional Replies within 15 Minutes;- Email technical support;- Drip Campaigns;- Marketing

  • Technical Support

    - We deliver Stage 1 - Stage 3 Tech support throughout;- Understanding customer pain points;- Real-time escalations;- Screen share to help guide customers

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