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Real Estate

Leading real estate live chat vendor

In today’s digital era, prospects looking to buy, sell, rent or manage properties use your website as a primary source of information. Our experienced live chat operators maximize the lead generation process and keep paced with industry trends and demands, all while providing quality customer support! Our Chat Panda’s ensure a lead generation rate of at least 45% for Real Estate Industry

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Working across the globe, with multi lingual agents

Chat Panda's brings your E-commerce store to life and makes a connection with visitors who otherwise would have clicked away or have bounced off to another one of your competitors. Our live chat operators are always online answering queries, utilizing our strategically crafted up-selling and cross selling strategies for a visitor to finalize a purchase and be converted into a customer.

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Specialized Chat Industry

We believe, better conversations lead to better conversions. We have exclusively been able to maintain a conversion rate between 70% to 80% exclusively for automotive industry. Our automotive industry customer service experts create separate processes and protocols for each department and follow your guidelines while serving your customers.

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We have Paralegals on hand to speak and book meetings

At Chat Pandas we use cutting-edge chat technology designed to guide your clients through the first steps of retaining your services. Prospects looking for a lawyer online visit several websites. In a competitive space, the law firm that is quickest to engage and able to turn a passive visitor into a consultation will often win their business. We devise an interactive appointment booking process based on your requirements, so, that your clients can seamlessly book appointments even in your after-office hours.

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HIPAA Standard

At Chat Panda’s we take your client’s privacy extremely seriously, and are deeply committed to complying with HIPAA standards. We draw in with your potential patients, answer their inquiries, and book their appointments by offering day in and day out live chat assistance for your healthcare websites. From Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmaceuticals to Medical Supplies, our live chat support is designed and strategically implemented to build a stronger bond with your patients. 

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We know what students look for

Recent studies have concluded that around 89% of prospective students go online in search of their next course/degree programs. From assisting students through the process of finding and filling out course/degree application forms to taking down their requirements and providing best available course options, Chat Panda’s work 24/7 to connect with prospective and current enrollees who visit your website. 

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Financial Institutes

Privacy Guaranteed

Financial institutions are going branchless and adapting self service functionality. Successful financial organizations are those that locate the correct harmony between going digital and human interactions. Our live chat helps banks, accounting firms and credit unions deliver a high level of personalized service customers and members demand. We ensure 150% ROI with our solution, exclusively for financial companies. 

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Technical Support, Service & Sales

Better relationships, more conversions. Our data-driven, award-winning live chat can deliver up to 50% higher conversions to your free trial offers and boost your trial to paid account conversion rate. On the other side we provide level 1-2 technical support to your existing customers through live chat. Our level 3 technical support includes backend developers, designers, and software engineers.