Bamboo Nutra

We can guarantee powerful solutions for your customers by identifying their pain points. This is precisely how we guided Bamboo Nutra in building a solid foundation for their online customer support. By combining the unique attributes of email and live chat services, we were able to raise their customer satisfaction ratio to 96%.

Download this case study to learn about our motivating journey.

Companies lose revenue when customers switch as a result of poor customer service but with ChatPandas, it is entirely avoidable.


Large companies, like Domain, lose to small competitors because they are unable to have intimate conversations with their customers and miss the chance to connect with potential prospects due to challenges in managing website traffic.

Download this case study to learn how we devised an advanced live chat support strategy for Domain that allowed them to deal with customers like any small company would.

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From locating the right page to suggesting to the visitors the exact information they're seeking, our ChatPandas are always there to guide your visitors. We are the pioneers of Managed Live Chat services, answering the queries of your customers 24/7 in a quick and efficient manner.

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