Your customer want to interact on email and before they seek other businesses, we can help you communicate and stand to them with our email support.

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Customer Support via Email

Your customers deserve better than long waiting times — that’s why our response time for emails is within 30 minutes.

Our agents are professionally trained to provide effective support and resolve queries of your customers via email. We make sure every customer’s questions are resolved, we send follow up emails, resolve tickets and employ effective marketing techniques to not only retain your existing customers but converting new ones.

We know nothing makes a frustrated customer angrier as long waiting times, so we provide an instant response time which means no more endless waiting and losing customers. Just a seamless experience!


Technical Support Via Email

Whether it is providing b2b or b2c support, we have mastered the art of it!

Tech support get a little complicated than normal customer support but our Chat Pandas are trained to provide tier 3 tech support via email. They are able to handle everything from answering questions, analyzing problems, troubleshooting diagnostic issues, returning systems to their proper operation, solving software and hardware installation issues and much more.

We provide 3 levels of technical support, instantly reaching the root of the problem and helping customers with our step-by-step troubleshooting procedures and multi-channel support ticketing system.

With our multi-channel customer support, if a customer chooses one medium of communication, we make sure to get that information across all platforms. Take advantage of our always-live 24/7 tech support!

Order Processing Service

Do you operate an ecommerce business?

Think about it. Every minute you spend analyzing fulfillment issues is a minute you can spend on your strategic techniques, product development and core processes like sales and marketing.

We offer a seamless order processing service with fast and efficient professionals who know how can take care of everything from order acceptance, order placement, tracking, updating inventory, asking for customer feedback, after sales activity, book keeping, payment handling, data syncing and return order management.

We also provide API integration, interaction with your ERP system and offer multiple billing options based on your requirements. Whether you are a small scale business or a large enterprise, we have something for everyone.


Drip Campaigns

Hire ChatPandas to execute successful drip campaigns!

Our ChatPandas can take care of email marketing and can deploy techniques which will increase your email opening rates. Hiring us means your email will guaranteed reach the inbox of your customers and will never go to their spam folder.

We develop targeted email content suitable to attract potential customers, provide litmus testing to check if your emails are compatible with all devices, provide assessment if your emails are html or content based and nurture your leads through A/B testing of email marketing campaigns.

Potential customers showing interest in your products or subscribing to your newsletters are an asset and hiring ChatPandas means these leads will never go to waste. Turn your propects into converted leads with us!

Cross selling and Up selling

Emails are still the most effective one to one communication in marketing & sales.

We assist companies reach their sales potential to the fullest extent by facilitating their lead generation processes. Starting with highly accurate data, we provide lead generation and outbound sales processes to produce qualified appointments with our client’s ideal customer with predictable results.

Get ahead of your competition by earning more leads, converting potential customers into existing ones and increasing your sales by cross selling and upselling to your existing customers with ChatPandas.


Verification Services

Have a smooth execution of your email campaigns with ChatPandas.

If you run email marketing campaigns, then email verification services are vital for you. Validating your email list can remove fake, disposable and duplicate addresses from your list and reduce your bounce rates.

We collect data about your leads and monitor domain reputation, provide email validation, spam trap detection, real time verification API and 24/7 customer support for better email deliverability.

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