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Documenting Policies for Clarity & Uniformity

We periodically update policies and document changes as new developments are discovered in your technical support interactions.

Up To Level 3 support Capabilities

We provide comprehensive support policy guidelines that serve as a manual for your technical support infrastructure. This covers specific obligations of support personnel at various levels. This documentation is essential for the levelling system and task distribution among technical specialists. It is entirely up to you where these levels start and stop in terms of capability. The most fundamental technical inquiries about your goods and services are often handled by Level 1 staff. Until we reach Level 3, the difficulty of these inquiries keeps increasing.

Acquiring Compliance Certificates

We can help you meet the criteria for obtaining certificates to confirm software compliance. We do research on pertinent code management licences for the codes that were used to create the software that your business is selling for this reason. Once your technicians agree to the requirements of obtaining compliance certifications, we keep you informed about any training that may be required of them. Technical support policy literature contains details on these software compliance certificates. Your customers will be reassured that you are using software in a completely legal manner in this way.

Conflict Resolution Process

You will inevitably experience disagreements with your customers at some time. As a result, we take precautions and devise a plan to handle such delicate circumstances in a professional manner. In order to create a productive procedure for resolving disputes between your firm and its customers, we consult with your personnel about the policies of your organisation. We offer dispute resolution guidelines in your technical support policy paperwork so that you may be ready for all eventualities. Basic recommendations are provided, along with additional considerations for uncommon situations your technical support staff may encounter in the future.

Action on User License Breach

We go into great detail in your technical support policy guidelines about the seriousness of a licence violation on the side of your user. We have access to all of your company’s terms and conditions, which we used to our maximum advantage in this situation. Additionally, you and your employees have been talking about how to handle user licencing violations. The gravity of the infringement in such circumstances is determined by a number of criteria. In accordance with the official documentation, we describe this system and develop response procedures with your specialists.

Designing Technical Support Protocols

Although it is impossible for us to foresee every single problem that will be presented to your technical support, we do have a good sense of what to anticipate. While compiling a list of the most typical technical mistakes that your customers complain about, we carefully consider the outliers. In this aspect, your past technical support records are helpful. For creating such protocols, the incoming data from multiple channels is also useful. We write documentation on a variety of technical problems that are connected to the various goods and services that you offer to your customers.

Level 1 Limit

Technical support policy guidelines that we design for your company clearly define the duties of Level 1 support agents, making it easier to allocate incoming issues from your customers.

Level 2 Duties

The difficulty levels of the inquiries that Level 2 support agents are required to address are listed below. This makes your technical assistance run more efficiently since the experts who are most suited for the job are found.

Level 3 Abilities

We include everything from resolving system faults to remote software installation among their competencies in your support rules because Level 3 support agents must handle the most complex inquiries.

Verify Compliance

We can assist you in obtaining software compliance from the relevant authorities for your company. The technical support policy documents for your firm also provide information on the verification of your software compliance.

License Breaches

We have included guidelines for your technical assistance inside your policy papers in the event that one of your users violates their software licence. This makes sure that all of these users are treated fairly and professionally.

Resolve Conflicts

You may always turn to the portion of your company’s support policy documentation that contains formal guidelines on resolving disputes amicably if there is one between your customer and your technical support agent.

Creating Protocols

We have included guidelines for the resolution of technical questions inside your support policy paperwork in order to preserve consistency in the quality of your technical help. These guidelines were developed in conjunction with your specialists.

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