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Agent performance

Average response time, quality, adherence, teamwork, and dependability are one of the few reporting metrics used to measure an agent’s effectiveness. And as a responsible business owner, you’ve every right to ensure that your live chat team is following the set protocols while managing the chats. So, we make agent performance tracking easier for you with multiple, essential, KPIs that give you confidence in your live chat team.

Agent performance is one the most important factors (if not the most important) in call center success and at ChatPandas we take measures to improve it on a collective level. We take reporting from qualitative metrics and also note quantitative behaviors and trends.

Process performance metrics

It’s very important to ensure that everything is going as planned. We prepare the process performance report to give you an insight into how well your live chat plan is working or if there’s a minor change required. These variable indicators are important to realign your efforts and tweak the live chat strategy as required for maximizing your business revenue.

We use indicators of performance like capacity, service, efficacy, value addition and competitiveness to prepare this report so you can get full insight into our performance processes.

Actionable Reports

Being your live chat team, we perform more functions than just taking chats on your behalf, and creating revenue projection reports is one of these duties. We not just tell you when, where, and how much budget is required but also predict estimated revenue in the coming quarter or at year-end. This reporting method gives you an insight into the ratio between your efforts and the revenue generated through live chat support.

At ChatPandas, we take feedback very seriously as it gives us the insights into customer’s needs and their complaints. We convert this feedback into actionable reports so you have a clear picture of which one of your marketing and sales campaign are producing results and which aspects need revisiting.

Goals Oriented Reports

Setting KPIs is very important as without them you'll lose track of your goal and slow down halfway. Just like any other department of your organization, your live chat support also needs meaningful KPIs to measure success on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Now, when you trust us with your goal- oriented reports, we create a number of different KPIs where some measure total live chats taken, others consider the leads generated, and some are focused on measuring the customer satisfaction ratio.

Implementing live chat is our personal favorite strategy when it comes to generating and converting leads. You may want a managed live chat support for customer complains, technical support, product queries, lead generation or technical support. It doesn’t matter what your ultimate goal might be – as long as you have ChatPandas with you, you’re sorted!

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