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Offering Multi-Stage Technical Support Live Chat

From software troubleshooting to installation and more, our Pandas never leave your side until the issue is resolved.

Extending Tier-Based Technical Support

Different technical problems demand different levels of support that our Pandas offer on your behalf. From tier 1 to tier 3, our Pandas are trained to resolve your customer’s complex technical queries on live chat. We first try to understand the severity of the visitor’s technical issue and then pass on the request to the relevant department based on predefined tiers. This helps us speed up the technical support process and achieve the highest customer satisfaction rate.

Offering Application & Software Support

From understanding an app or software’s UI to locating a certain feature within the program, your customers can have an unending list of queries. But you don’t need to worry as long as our Pandas are here to offer technical support via that tiny chat box at the bottom of your website. With technical knowledge of your mobile apps and personalized software (and whatnot), our Pandas resolve any query a visitor is likely to type in that chatbox.

Addressing Installation-Relate Issues (Change with ‘Remote’ keyword as on original website)

Since you’re offering mobile access to your business, your visitors are more likely to face installation problems. But as long as our tech-savvy Pandas are there to take their queries, you don’t have to worry about such embarrassing and frustrating situations that your visitors may face. Our Pandas not only walk them through the full installation process but also help them locate the technical issue based on their gadget which revives their trust in your business.

Fixing Bugs & Network Issues via Live Chats

Bugs & downtimes, the old archnemesis of apps, may try to shatter your clean image in your customer’s eyes but not as long as we’re here to offer technical support solutions. Our Pandas remain online 24/7 to take up such queries and find the perfect solution to maintain a smooth navigational experience for your customers. From minor bug issues to irritating network problems, we resolve all these discomforting instances from your customer’s experience.

Versatile Technical Support Solution @ Your Disposal!

Since every business is accessible via a mobile app or personalized software, business owners seek a robust technical support facility. Proficient in live chat technical support (and more), our Pandas extend their expertise to guide your customers with a plethora of technical queries.

Technical Consultation

Our Pandas understand the confusion your customers face while selecting the right app choice & they patiently guide them until they make the final selection and install it on their phone.

Software Recommendation

Sometimes the customer is not very tech-savvy so our Pandas share their knowledge for suggesting the right software that goes with the customer’s usage patterns.

Firewall Setup

We even help your customers in setting up a defense mechanism through the software/app they’ve to access your business to prevent any harmful DDoS attack.

System Upgrades

Our Pandas stay up-to-date with your software upgrade schedules and inform your customers in a timely manner for offering them an excellent experience when they access your business.

Software Setup

Our Pandas go a step forward and extend technical support solutions to those customers who have no clue how to set up the software on their electronic devices.

Remote Troubleshooting

Offering up to tier 3 technical support solutions, our Pandas know how to fix certain app/software-related issues virtually on live chat whenever a customer shows up with such an issue.

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