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Converting Visitors into Confirmed Leads!

Our Pandas never miss a chance to convert simple chats into confirmed leads for you.

Developing Tailored Chat Strategies

Along with attending variable visitors on your website, we offer more to improve your sales funnels. Our Pandas are trained to track and understand your website visitor’s behaviors, discover the most common pattern in their surfing habits and spot their key needs. This helps us in crafting better live chat strategies that increase your conversion rate and eventually your monthly lead target.

Spot High Performing Website Sections

Since your visitors are on our radar upon landing on a certain page until they leave the website, we go a step forward and suggest to you what particular pages have higher visitor volume and which section is underperforming. This results in a personalized online presence & improved lead generation ratio for your business when you can predict the exact moment where your visitors are more likely to buy your services/products.

Introducing Flexible Live Chat Plans

We’re unable to predict a visitor’s behavior but we can change our responses accordingly to make them feel comfortable. Our live chat plans are personalized periodically to train the Pandas for using a customized response for each variable visitor. This has helped us offer tailor-made live chat support that became a reason for a lead generation boost for our clients.

Retaining Visitor Interest

It’s a fact that a common user has 5 different tabs opened on his screen which automatically reduces their attention span. One of the benefits that our Pandas offer to your business, is to send a greeting message for grabbing their attention and dragging them back to your website. Our Pandas not just listen to their queries and propose a solution, they convince your visitors to go for your services/products too for harnessing your lead generation process.

Finetune Your Sales Plan with Our Live Chat Support!

Our Pandas are not just trained to say ‘how may I help you’ but do more than you expect them to. Our live chat team is actually your remote sales team that performs various essential tasks for ensuring a swift sales event whenever a visitor lands on your website seeking a solution to their problems.

Marketing Data

Attending visitor queries, taking their feedback and multiple other tasks that our Pandas perform can be used for further aligning your marketing plans & generating quality leads.

Lead Information

Our Pandas help you gather more data about your prospective customers while collecting their queries and noting down the key concerns they have about the service/product.

Product Features

If your marketing team fails to put out the complete information and your visitors notice that, our Pandas can offer them a satisfactory answer to their questions regarding the product/services.

Ongoing Promotions

Just before the visitor leaves, our Pandas can suggest them to check other offers on your behalf and increase your chances of getting more leads on other services/products that your business offers.

Service Questions

Since our Pandas have full product knowledge of your business, they can go deeper into the details of your visitor’s queries and set a positive business image for increasing lead generation chances.

Value Comparisons

Our Pandas are trained to brief the visitor about all available options and demonstrate the kind of value your business is offering to their purchase which, again, increases the lead generation possibility.

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