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Customer Service Your Visitors Trust

Taking customer service standards a notch up and going beyond the usual query attending tasks.

Timely Chat Responses!

Our Pandas understand the frustration of an unsure visitor struggling to select between the best products listed on your website. And we ensure that our live chat customer services include swift responses to your visitors so they don’t leave the page without getting a satisfactory answer. Our Pandas not just offer a suitable answer to their queries but go a step forward and suggest to them the most relevant option based on their search within your website pages.

Easy Order Management

Our Pandas are trained to understand the key issues a visitor faces on your website and accommodates the accordingly. Along with addressing their navigational problems, our Pandas also entertain their order placement queries. This not only makes their purchasing experience easier but also set your business as a credible name that prioritizes customers’ comfort over anything else. So, don’t worry about your visitor’s concerns with respect to order placement or return requests as long as one of our Pandas is handling live chat queries on your behalf.

Nurturing Positive Relations

Little acts leave a greater mark and that’s what our Pandas practice while offering you customer service solutions. We keep smaller details in mind that your customers ask during their chats with our Pandas and revert back as soon as there’s some update. This is a great way not just to increase lead generation chances but also for nurturing positive relations with your customers when they feel a sense of care. Our customer service structure is not designed for taking present queries but to maintain a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Creating Goodwill Ambassadors

While crafting our live chat customer service structure, we ensure that our Pandas are cultivating a sense of trust in your customers. Because this trust is what can boost your business when your customers voluntarily promote your business to their friends and become the reason for increased revenue. In other words, you get to have an additional promotional source in the shape of a satisfied a loyal customer all because of a fantastic customer service team representing your business.

Raising Customer Service Quality Standards!

Our Pandas are trained to address versatile issues of your customers along with noting down some key patterns that ultimately help us craft better CS structures. Among their routine tasks, here are the key ones that leave a positive impact on your visitors and compel them to keep coming back for conducting more business with you.

More Signups

New account registrations are one of the core tasks of our live chat teams other than taking chat queries. This not just helps you in creating a large customer base but also increases revenue possibilities.

Purchase Decisions

Sometimes a visitor just needs a confirmation before hitting the checkout button on your website. Our Pandas extend that whispering “go for it” to your possible customers struggling to make a buying decision.

Checkout Process Help

In the event of a technical problem, our Pandas extend their support to your customers, too. From entering your shipping details to selecting payment-related matters, our Pandas do all on your customer’s behalf.

User Account Management

From updating account details on your customer’s behalf to making additions to placed orders, our Pandas remain with your customers throughout the purchase cycle.

Customer Complaint Center

We design our live chat customer services around your service terms to address your customers’ complaints in a swift & systematic manner. Our Pandas are up for taking all queries and addressing the issues in the quickest way possible.

Appointments & Bookings

We keep the communication bridge open between our Pandas and your customers so they never hesitate to ask about scheduling appointments & booking dates on their behalf.

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