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Outsource email tickets management

Stay online round the clock to answer every chat, solving visitor queries, & maintaining your positive image.

Outsource email tickets management

In this fast paced economy, your customer can choose your competitor with a single click if they are not provided with the satisfactory support or if they have to deal with long waiting times. Instead of losing customers by having their emails in a queue and being able to respond to them, hire our ChatPandas who can provide instant email support within 30 minutes. ChatPandas are trained to provide the resolution of even the toughest of queries in minimal time and being with your customer until they are fully satisfied. The result: Customer satisfaction, maximum ROI, increased sales. 

Outsource email customer services for troubleshooting

Are you having problems with answering tech related queries? 

Our ChatPandas are an expert in handling the toughest of tech queries. They are trained to know the ins and outs of your product or services and become an extension of your team. They can provide troubleshooting techniques, perform diagnostics remotely and provide assistance regarding software issues. Your customers not only get instant support with ChatPandas, they also get the highest level of customer support possible. We talk to your customer inquiring about their issues, identify the issues, apply or troubleshooting techniques and do not leave them until all of their issues are resolved. We even take follow ups to ensure that their issues are not repeated.

Managed email service desk for up to Tier 3 enquiries

If you think we can only provide troubleshooting, think again! Our ChatPandas are capable of providing up to tier 3 technical support. We resolve every technical query as quickly as possible and as completely as possible. Whether your customers are facing diagnostic issues, having a malware attack, their app has stopped working or having trouble logging in, we are there to help them with up to tier 3 support. We can also help them to remotely install updates and get remote repair procedures done. Our ChatPandas have a solution to every technical query your customer may face!

Email support for software installation and updatesKill Two Birds With a Stone

Are you customers having trouble installing updates remotely or their systems are ot compatible with the app? 

If you are facing issues like that, our tech support experts can help your customers. Our ChatPandas can help them remotely install updates and guide them step by step with the procedure they need to follow. We understand that these kind of queries are not only complex but also can take up a lot of time. This is why our email support can come in handy! Not only that we can have scheduled software maintainance for these kind of issues. We can also roll out emails for new updates or for big fixes for the smooth operation of your app or service.

Quick email answering

People do not consider email to be a quick mode of communication but we are here to break these stereotypes with our quick email answering. Our ChatPandas not only provide quick responses, they are here to be available 24/7 to the needs of your customer. There may be a time period in your business where the influx of queries are larger, if that’s the case we adjust our staff according to the needs of your business so no query goes unattended.

Troubleshoot errors

ChatPandas can help your customers to troubleshoot remotely so their systems can work perfectly without errors and they are able to use their service error free.

Scheduled updates

We can notify your customers about new updates and can even carry out software updates as necessary so there is no hurdle in the smooth operation of your product or service.

Technical consultants

Our ChatPandas can provide technical consultation to your customers and in doing so can also cross sell or upsell your customers. Your customers will always get the product according to their requirements.

Eliminating bugs

If your customers encounter any bugs which is causing them problems while they use your product or service, we can help to eliminate those.

Security protocols

Your customers do not have to worry about their systems being vulnerable to malware attacks or viruses as we set up security protocols to safeguard them.

Installing software

ChatPandas are able to remotely install software on the system of your customers if they are unable to do so. You do not have to worry about losing customers even if they are unable to understand technological nuances.

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