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Outsource Order Processing Service

Listening is not enough so we make the customer feel heard & valued with our effective communication strategies to maintain acknowledgement rate .

Outsource email customer services for taking orders

Count on us for taking orders instantly!
We can take orders without any lag as we understand the importance of every sales query. Our ChatPandas are there 24/7 every single day and ready to do order processing for your customers. We understand that if your customers encounters a lag in placing an order of if they face that their queries are unanswered, they can simply do business elsewhere. Due to our vast experience, we also understand that there may be times where we experience a high influx of orders. A customer doesn’t care if their order is placed at 3 am or 3pm, they just want their order confirmed! At ChatPandas, we welcome every order and take care of it for you.

Email ticket management for returns and exchanges

If your customer is not satisfied with a product or service, we can provide returns or exchanges as per the company’s policy. Our ChatPandas are trained to know the terms and conditions of your products and services and they guide your customers accordingly. We make sure your unhappy customers are converted to the happiest ones. We follow up with them, listen to their complaints, compensate them for the damages or the complaints as instructed and be with them unless they are satisfied. We want complete customer satisfaction and we make sure you do not lose a single customer.

Managed email service desk for handling pre-orders

Our ChatPandas are known to go an extra mile for your customers. If your company has a policy to open pre-orders before a launch, we make sure we take pre-orders and confirm payments as per your company’s policy. We take a personalized approach and take care of each customer and make them feel important. If something is out of stock, we also provide customers with the option of notifying when the product will be back in stock. We can take special requests, learn new policies and forward them to your staff as well. Our ChatPandas can also inform the customers about the status of their order through email.

Outsource email help desk for resolving billing problems

If the customer encounters a billing issue, for example, their payment is deducted twice, they can be upset about it. Our ChatPandas are especially trained in situations like these to pacify your customers and take care of their issues.

Checkout assistance

If you have a number of products and customers are confused about what to purchase and how, our ChatPandas can guide them step by step until they have completed their purchase.

Current promotions

Cross selling and upselling is a great opportunity to score additional sales and this is why we let your customers know about the current promotions or sales and can even offer them a personalized discount based on your company’s policies.

Setting up accounts

We help your customer set up accounts if they are purchasing from you for the first time, resolve log in issues, account issues, password issues and help them if they are unable to use their account.

Product comparisons

You customers are more likely to purchase a product if they are guided about the product that best fit their needs and our ChatPandas are trained to provide them with that information.

Invoice concerns

We go an extra mile and correct details on the invoice, so the product gets shipped properly and does not return.

Handling returns

For those customers who are unhappy with their purchase or received a faulty product, we provide returns, refunds and exchanges fast according to the company’s policy. 

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