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Outsource email help desk for customer queries

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No more answered tickets!

Email support is the first choice for customers who do not want to opt for call or live chat support for one reason or the other. If your organizations receive queries from customers related to your product or service, outsourcing your email support to ChatPandas can mean none of their questions go unanswered. A single answered query can differentiate you from your competitors and not answering can mean you can lose a potential sales query. Not only outsourcing email support can mean faster and more efficient resolution of queries, it can also mean that you save up time to focus on product development and research. 

Email ticket management for complaint resolution

We are here to help!

Our ChatPandas are highly trained professional who can provide a quick response time of 30 seconds. We can provide complaint resolution promptly and we will stay with your customers until they are satisfied and all of their queries are answered. You can not only retain your existing customers with our exceptional email support but also get new customers by answering their queries satisfactorily. Our email support is a powerful tool which can help your get better user engagement and customer satisfaction. Our strategies are especially designed to help you increase your ROI with our powerful email marketing tools. 

Email support for appointments and bookings

Do you own a business which requires frequent bookings through email?

Look no further!

Outsourcing your email support to ChatPandas mean you are virtually never closed! We provide 24/7 email support and can take orders, make appointments and take bookings for you. We can also provide 24/7 complaint resolution regarding sales and can also upsell and cross sell, thus increasing your sale numbers. Our ChatPandas can bring tailor made responses, personalized to individual business needs, available for all kinds of technical products. Increase your sales and get 24/7 availability to your customers by hiring our email support. 

Business email management

We are fully equipped with all the right tools and communication channels and can send email to your customers, partners, business associates, vendors and relevant authorities on your behalf. We can also design emails in a manner that they won’t reach the spam folder of the receiver. Our ChatPandas can expertly do business email management and sort out important emails and filter out junk and spam so your burdened is shared. We also make sure none of your emails are missed and all the right emails are routed to you.

E-commerce email answering

Do you have an ecommerce business which receives a lot of emails?

We can sort them out, reply to the queries and filter them out for you, thus decreasing your burden by many folds. Our ChatPandas are en expert in handling email queries, following your instructions and your company’s policies, we reach out to the most frustrated of your customers and compensate them by following the terms and conditions of your business. Our ecommerce email answering contains a lot of services like answering queries, technical support, sales and presales, order fulfilment and processing and so on.

Outsource email customer services for order management

If you have an ecommerce business, emails are a great resource for your customers to place orders, ask about missing order, order replacement, order status, payment issues, returns, complains. Our ChatPandas can do all kinds of order management so you can sit back and focus on more important tasks in product development.

Availability enquiries

Customers can ask you about the availability of products through email. We can do inventory management, let your customers know about the available products and thus assisting you directly in increasing your sale numbers.

Managing pre-orders

We can manage taking pre-orders from your customers if something is not available at that moment. Our ChatPandas are fully capable of adhering to your company’s policies in this regard.

Handling bookings

Our ChatPandas can handle bookings and make appointments for your customers instantly using our email support. No matter where the customer is located, we’ll always be there to make bookings for them so you don’t miss a sales opportunity.

Organizing calendars

Your employees and your customers both can benefit from organizing calendars and we can provide this facility as well through our email management.

Billing and payment

Are your customers having payment issues? Even if your customers have a problem not being able to pay or their payment is deducted twice, we are here to pacify even the most distraught customers through our email support.

Subscription renewals

Our ChatPandas can notify your customers about subscription renewals, expiry dates, new subscriptions, and new product drop and discuss if they want to renew their subscriptions. We believe in being constantly in touch with your customers so your sales are always afloat.

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