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Sales and Marketing via Email

Stay online round the clock to answer every chat, solving visitor queries, & maintaining your positive image.

Managed email service desk for personalized cross-selling

Our ChatPandas are an expert in cross selling and make sure to not let this opportunity go. We take history of your customers and take an idea about which products are they interested in. We make sure to introduce them to similar products and tell them about your services if they want to upgrade. We contact customers if they left a product in their cart and offer them incentives and remind them about the product they left. We deploy different sales techniques to drive them towards the sale and make sure to let them know about other products to make them do additional purchases.

Outsource email customer services for targeted ad placement

Our ChatPandas are trained on multiple CRM systems and we take customer’s data and their history of purchases and analyze which service or product they may be interested in. instead of constantly pushing a product towards them and driving them away, we run targeted ads. If a customer has purchased a product, we make sure they see ads about the maintenance product or service they may be interested in. This is a great opportunity to get additional sales without spending a lot of resources on acquiring a new customer. We can also send them emails about the promotional services that you provide. 

Up-selling strategies for your business

Instead of depending upon aggressive old school methods of upselling which can drive a customer away, we try to win the trust of the customers and let the know we have their best interest at heart. We inquire about their purchases and find about about their requirements and suggest a product best suited to their needs. We offer a softer, more personalized approach to your customers and leave it to their judgment. Customers end up buying the product because they feel valued and understand that we are taking care of their interests. Because of our approach, we have been winning the hearts of customers for years.

Research on sales trends to up-selling

Instead of traditional methods we focus on newer technological methods of collecting data and focus on their buying trends. We check their purchase history, dig up patterns, categorize them into different segments and target those customers who respond positively to our up-selling and cross-selling techniques. We come up with methods to make the customers purchase more products or services and we also take time to determine which products or service would be better suited to their needs. We make sure to make your customers feel values and do not just treat them as a number or a sales avenue.

Email campaigns for existing customers

Researching the purchase history and buying trends of your customer is integral if we want to upsell or cross sell more products. If the customer is not happy with their current purchase, we make sure to follow up with them and let them know which product instead would fit their needs.

Raise order value

We focus more on research and target customers who are more likely to purchase more and in this way we can increase sales and raise order value.

Customer benefits

We do not just target sales. While our purpose is to generate more revenue for you, we never do it at the cost of compromising with customer satisfaction. We make sure we understand the requirements of your customers’ needs.

Comparing prices

Our email help desk makes sure to talk to the customers and justify the price tag of the product while telling them how the product can be beneficial to them, thus driving them towards the sale.

Track sales trends

In ecommerce businesses, data is a goldmine. We track the history of your customers, their purchase trends and suggest them products, increasing the possibility of more sales. 

Customer history

We consider customers more than just a number but it is important to understand numbers as well. We gather data about the history of the customers and analyze their response towards the new product and run targeted ads accordingly. . 

Easy solutions

Analyzing customers’ history and sales trends empower us to run precise ads to not only save time and resources but also to increase sales numbers at the same time.

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