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Our tech support team can provide solutions and be the decisive factor behind your customer’s purchase!

Remote software installation

As a tech support provider, we need to be ready for anything!
Our ChatPandas connect and control devices from a remote location via internal network or internet to resolve technical issues, automate routine tasks, launch remote control access, remotely monitor devices, respond to alerts and automate software and OS deployments. You can hire our services to solve technical problems and bolster security without requiring technicians to have physical access to the device of your customers and thus save your resources.
Get lower support costs and higher customer retention with our tech support!

We provide fast, reliable, secure remote tech support solutions and can instantly provide on demand remote desktop support, help with server installations, software installation or removal, server optimization, system upgrade or help install updates and manage software.

24/7 troubleshooting service

Imagine someone solving every customer tech support issue for you, round the clock, with a few clicks, relieving your technological headaches.

Sounds good?

Well, we provide remote troubleshooting for your customer’s toughest technological issues, guaranteeing a response time of <insert response time> or less using the latest support tools available. Our advanced troubleshooting can provide quick remote diagnostic and repairs to your customers, reduce repair time, control system bugs, avoid software failures and interruptions, improve availability and safety of operations and provide support for integration of technology that needs to connect to your existing network.

Moreover, on time troubleshooting means we resolve potential issues before they escalate or compromise performance of your software for your customers

System updates management

Is your in-house team busy in large scale operational projects and unable to manage small but necessary tasks like system updates management?

Outsourcing your application development and support tasks to our ChatPandas who can dedicate their time to continuously help your customers update applications for optimal performance. We can remotely help your customers update the latest software related to your product, manage system updates on behalf of the device user, check for pending system updates, give notifications to the customers when new system updates become available, set up policies to control when to roll out new updates to users, help users install them as soon as they become available, install pending updates that might be postponed and can guide them on any issue they might be facing with the new updates or any installation issue.

More and more businesses around are choosing Chat Pandas’ on call technical support for remote resolution, installation of service packs and security updates for servers and applications, and installation of software to help their users get the best use out of their products.

Maintaining Security Management

Are you neglecting your IT maintenance duties, especially in-depth security or recovery work?

Is your security system supported by IT staff to ensure unparalleled security and faster resp0onse times?

If the answer to any of the above question is no, it is time to invest in your security maintenance.

We provide security system maintenance and keep your system up to date and safe, repair and replacement of security systems, devices and components for intrusion detection, access control and ensure compliance with legislation which reduces on site engineer call outs, reduces support costs and thus increases lifespan of your system minimizing security interruptions. Our IT support is available to inspect, maintain, and service your equipment and can perform routine maintenance checks so we can catch issues before they become a problem for your security system.

Hire our services and we promise that your systems are secured and maintained to the highest industry standards and are in full working order when it matters.

Application and software support

Do you know outsourcing is connected majorly to which industry?
You guessed it right, it’s the IT sector.

Not only outsourcing app support saves money, it also increases productivity which means your team can work on product development and other valuable projects instead of being too consumed with application support and troubleshooting app issues. Our technology consultants can provide support regarding updating of application programs, adding new functions, fixing bugs, adapting software to hardware devices, reducing deterioration and enhancing existing software. We understand that software maintenance isn’t something one can avoid and it is absolutely necessary to the success of your business. 

Outsource vital tasks like app support to us and keep your employees to develop products to grow your business.

Level 3 technical support

Here at Chat Pandas, we provide up to level 3 technical support through live chat, call or email. We can do everything from installation and configuration of your systems, security maintenance, app support, security management, troubleshooting and so much more.

Product billing

Billing issues are becoming a massive challenge for companies to handle especially after the rise of e-commerce and digital banking. We can help your customers with payment methods, help them with missing or misapplied payments, calculation errors and unrecognized charges on their statement, promotions management and subscription renewal, guaranteeing high scores on efficiency KPIs.

Product testing

Not only we help you after your product has been received in the market, we can help you with product development as well by testing it before it gets launched so you can save time and resources. Our industry leading experts can provide their independent assessment of your product and service and give valuable suggestions

Eliminating bugs

We can eliminate bugs and provide solutions within hours, not days or weeks. We can fix your customer’s system correctly, help them retain their data, offering quick resolution to their issue, documented explanation of the solution and recommendations to avoid having bugs in the future.

Safety measures

We make sure that your system remains secure 24/7. We adopt safety measures according to latest industry standards and provide in depth security for you.

Installing software

Our Chat Pandas are trained to overcome the software installation issues encountered by your customers. Our team assists with remote software installation and help your users with any issues they may be facing while installing your app or while navigating it.

Remote updates

We can assist users remotely with app updates, updates, installation and configuration of the software, crucial security updates for server and application for improved app performance. You can rest easy and our IT support team will take care of all update related support issues for you.


When time is of essence, businesses do not have much time to act when there is a system failure. Hiring our ChatPandas for remote troubleshooting ensures minimal downtime and immediately getting to the root cause of the problem. You may heard of the phrase ‘prevention is better than cure’, we apply it in tech support as we also provide proactive maintenance to prevent future problems from happening in the first place.

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