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Make your customer never abandon your services with our call center support

Order management

Imagine a distraught customer at 3 am in the morning complaining about a missing order.

Seems familiar?

Outsourcing your order taking service can mean faster processing and a flexible framework according to your needs. You can hire the services of our exceptionally trained support team who is available 24/7 to improve customer satisfaction ratings, reduce costs and staffing flexibility which in turn means generating larger and more consistent ROI for your business.

What do we do?

Our Chat Pandas can take, manage and process orders, register new users, manage payments, help customers with billing issues, upsell and cross sell, providing technical support, manage returns, resolve complains and literally anything you can think of.

Here, at ChatPandas, we deliver customer happiness.

Providing a high quality, always active call support means you have a higher chance of getting new customers. Moreover, you have a considerably higher chance of retaining your existing customer base if their problems and complaints are handled correctly.

Sounds great, right? Contact us any time to get started!

24/7 technical support

Who will a customer turn to if they cannot log in to their account at midnight?

Or if there is an equipment failure?

Or if they encounter any software or hardware issues?

That’s where having a tech support team comes in handy!

Technical issues can seem like an unavoidable nuisance but nothing builds customer trust more than a resolved query – or more like a resolved technical query. Our Chat Pandas are trained to provide 24/7 call tech support which includes any software or hardware issue your customer may face.

If you can resolve an issue and a member doesn’t have to call 50 times to deal with it, you’ve actually created efficiency.

We provide 3 level technical support and we can

A tailor made experience with access to highly trained agents and access to a cutting edge technology.

After we solve issues, we also keep record of queries, list the steps taken to resolve them, and the specific dates/individuals involved and obtain feedback for product development.

Handling customer complaints

Do you know the best business strategy of all?

A satisfied customer.

Here at Chat Pandas, we proud of the fact that we have a knack for problem solving. No matter what the time is, how complex the complaint is, how busy the season is, our agents are here to talk to your customers on call and handle their complaints.

Transforming the customer experience: inspired by people, empowered by technology

Whether there is a billing issue, a faulty product, log in issue or software issue; if there is a complaint, we are here to solve it. Moreover, we reduce waiting times, lessen first response time, track and create a log of all complaints and find ways to obtain feedback

Excellence is the result of continuous improvement.

Therefore, we believe in reviewing mistakes and making sure we are not repeating them. By reviewing complaints regularly, we learn how to better attend to customer’s issues and avoid the mistakes altogether. Our agents are trained to handle all kinds of complaints and answering calls of your customers, improving customer satisfaction.

Database maintenance and security

Do you know customers can choose another business if they are regarded as a number instead of a person?

It is as important for business to not treat customers as a number as it is important for them to keep a record of customer’s data – to make them feel personal.

In this ever changing corporate world, it is critical that a business manages a well maintained database of their clients and we can help you with that. We can maintain your database and help with data collection and management, data analysis, data identification, evaluation, integrate billing, schedule appointments, create buyer personas, make customer journey maps and sales funnels, log general client information and help personalize customer journey.

We transform customer journey – one interaction at a time.

Our database management will give you a complete picture of customer’s choices, their requirements and factors that influence their decision making which will lead to better customer insights, and help you identify the most frequent buyers enabling you to optimize your marketing strategy to produce the greatest number of leads.

You can be sure that your data is managed safely as we have fool proof security checks in place and never share your data with any third party.

Answering queries

We can answer the toughest of queries by any customer related to your products and services. We equip our agents with extensive training and after that give them the responsibility to solve your queries at the front-line in an independent and personalized way instead of the usual automated message of passing it on to the supervisors. Sit back and trust us with answering queries for you and watch your customer satisfaction increase.

Managing calendar

We believe in high degree of organization and help you stay organized by managing your calendars for you. We can arrange appointments and meeting with precision, manage employees’ schedules in real-time, give you an overview of multiple calendars so you can see employee availability, locate appropriate employee based on their skills resulting in optimizing staff member’s time and increase work productivity.

Resolving complaints

Trust us to pacify even the most distraught of your customers. Our Chat Pandas are experts in complain resolutions and can answer even the trickiest of questions.

Still have doubts? Contact us to find out what we can do for you!

Handling orders

We can help with taking, managing and handling orders and guiding customers with the order taking process. We’ll update your inventory, guide your customers with the billing process and take over the order management for you so you can focus on the planning and development part of your business.

Collecting feedback

We obtain honest and qualitative customer feedback through calls, activity monitoring, customer service performance analytics, email surveys, polls and obtaining feedback after order confirmation which can help you with product innovation, improvements in sales and marketing process, building strategies, product development and create a more loyal customer base.

Market Strategy

Stay on top of trends by hiring us to manage your marketing activities for you!

Our ChatPandas provide assistance to your marketing team by providing targeted email campaigns, drip campaigns and automated email designing. Not only that, we can work alongside to successfully execute social media campaigns, helping you collect analytics which can be an invaluable tool during inbound and outbound sales. We’ll reduce your overall marketing expenditure, give you an independent perspective, help you meet deadlines and help you grow your business.

Meaningful. Personal. Human.

Your best moments in Customer Experience are here.