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Strategize Your Live Chat Structure!

Handling live chats is the art that you may use to devise an effective lead generation cycle for your business.

Personalize Website Live Chat

The best way for creating an effective live chat strategy is by studying your website visitors. Our live chat consultancy experts examine your website thoroughly for pages with the most hits and sections with high traffic. This visitor navigation detail is very important for understanding your visitor’s intention through the content they’re accessing on your website and creating a live chat strategy accordingly. Greet them right when they’re immersed in studying a particular section on your website and see the engagement rates touching the sky.

Improve Live Chat CS Benchmarks

Competitor analysis is one essential step of our live chat consultancy to give you a thorough comparison of what they’re doing. Demonstrating the competitor’s live chat strategy comparison enables you to make key changes in your live chat protocols and also gives you a glimpse into what’s working for them and how you can improve your live chat standards. And you beat your business competitors using the loopholes in their live chat standards.

Smart Lead Generation Patterns

People don’t like to be sold out, especially when they’re upset about something, and visit your website for answers. Our live chat consultancy experts know how to make the lead generation part so natural and effortless that you don’t have to push your visitors to buy from you. Understand and incorporate the psychological elements in your training modules so your live chat team knows when to mention the selling part and when to stay focused on the solution part during the conversation.

Set Live Chat Protocols

In order to win, you need a team that shares the same views as you do while attending visitors on your website. Our live chat consultancy experts design intuitive training programs to prepare your team for all possible scenarios they can encounter when on the floor. We divide our training modules into different parts such as product knowledge segment, mock calls, and a final test. These steps are designed for ensuring your live chat representative’s capabilities and he’d answer every query by your customers.

Setting Live Chat Ground Rules

Our live chat consultancy experts work with you for creating a knowledge repository that is accessible to every member of your support team. This not just helps you in training them but they can also stay on the same page which ultimately shows uniformity in your live chat support. Below are key areas our consultancy experts can offer you.

Personalized Scripts

We work with your live chat support team for creating custom scripts for each visitor group to make your answers relevant and effective.

Refined Sales Patterns

One of our live chat consultancy expert’s objectives is to evaluate your sales patterns and refine the approach where needed for optimum ROI.

Data Security Plans

We understand the importance of privacy and data protection and therefore work with you for setting up your customer’s data security protocols.

Training Sessions

From initial team member onboarding to different complexity levels and departments, we conduct various training sessions with your team, too.

A/B Testing

Our live chat consultancy experts work with you for conducting A/B testing on different visitor groups and evaluate the chat protocol’s effectiveness.

Live Chat Optimization

Over time, our live chat consultants analyze the existing chat strategy and make adjustments for optimizing the standards for higher revenue projection.

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