Mirroring of business operations

One of our most distinctive services is our ability to mirror your entire business operations.

Yes, that’s absolutely right!

Our call center support service becomes not just an extension but a mirror image of your business and we guarantee a complete support experience. This means we replicate everything from your organization from hiring to your processes and departments. Our ChatPandas can take care of queries related to every aspect of your business be it finance, dispute department, sales or accounts.

Developing Powerful Client Relationships

We don’t restrict ourselves to written business requirements but go beyond to understand you on a human level for developing stronger working relationships and making long lasting connections.


Our Ethics

We prefer serving businesses, solving problems, and fostering relationships than meeting our monthly revenue targets which makes us your prime choice.

Western Culture Understanding

Not only our ChatPandas communicate like natives, we go deep into understanding western culture and etiquettes to connect with your customer as they expect from your business.

Developing Protocols

We develop quality control protocols, customer support processes, customer acquisition strategies, feedback management integration for our clients and in doing so we become a seamless extension of their company.

Improved KPIs

With a great call center comes great responsibilities.

At ChatPandas, our robust Quality Assurance team is responsible for the documentation and implementation of specific protocols that ensure the queries of the customers are being resolved adequately.

We have not only set in place our own KPIs to guarantee that the quality standards are being upheld, we also formulate them with every department in our team and set targets for them to achieve.

Better ROI,
loyal consumer base,
customer satisfaction
and of course, happiness!

Which KPIs do we track?

We track our KPIs like average response time, first call resolution rate, average hold time, customer satisfaction score, average handling time and develop scorecards every month. Not only that, we understand the KPIs you have selected and if not we choose the ones that work best for you so you can sit back, relax and manage processes dear to your business!

Tier 3 Support

Who will help your customer if they need help resetting their password or navigating the app?

Meet our superheroes, whom we refer to as our ChatPandas, who are able to provide up to tier 3 level support.

Our level 3 support keeps the bar high – technicians and experts who know your product inside out. Swift and amicable resolutions translate into higher CSAT scores.

Our level 2 support investigates elevated tickets, conducts root-cause analysis, generally including queries which are too complex for level 1 support.

Level 1 support collects their requests, responds to basic queries and conducts basic troubleshooting.

Our Standard of Communication

We are here to change all the negative perceptions people have regarding BPOs!

Do you have this concern that call center agents don’t understand the language and cultural nuances of your organization?

How do we do it?

  • We have foreign qualified trainers to coach our ChatPandas so they can speak your language effortlessly with a neutral accent.
  • We have a multilingual team from diverse backgrounds who are able to customize their responses according to the time, context, geographical location and cultural background of the customer.
  • Our ChatPandas are sensitive to a diverse group of customers, can speak the language effortlessly and are expedient in finding solutions.

Try us and we can change all your perceptions about a traditional call center experience!

Technical training

Two are better than one and even better when multiplied!

Our ChatPandas are well versed with multiple CRM systems at a proficient level. We understand the necessity of tailored software for different businesses and that’s why our ChatPandas are trained to use their expertise on a CRM that best fulfil your requirements. We invest in advanced technology, modern computing terminals, multiple CRM systems, and tools for data collection which may not be viable for you to set up in house.

We understand that there is no cookie cutter approach to customer support.

We are able to We provide a call center experience that can not only help you with better sales, customer satisfaction and technical support, but with the power of analytics we can give you an insight into customer preferences which can help you with product development and can assist with future decision making.

Hence, providing a seamlessly smooth customer experience for your organization

Support Processes

Your customers deserve the best – so why shouldn’t our support process be?

  • We have an organizational structure, escalation matrixes and support processes in place to deal with customer issues effectively.
  • We have created specific departments specialized to the needs of different queries to make sure your customer get the best support experience possible.
  • We formulate customer support strategies with personalized and tailored processes to ensure that you achieve customer excellence.
  • We do data scraping, data mining, lead generation and we close these leads for you as well.

The success of our clients and their increased revenue is a testimonial of the success of our support strategies!

Community Support

We provide ongoing community support by making sure our client’s customer reviews on their social media platforms are transformed from negative to positive and productive.In going the extra mile, our agents are consistently interacting with our client’s customers in resolving their queries and issues and thus compelling them to give our clients a solid 5 star review, instead of 1 star review.

Transform your brand perception with us!

We pride ourselves in following up with our client’s customers in regards to understanding their experience in resolving their queries and hence change both their perspective and rating of the company in a positive manner.

We are persistent in resolving all community reviews which have been left unaddressed and unanswered thus delivering the ultimate service experience to our client’s customers.