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Up to Level 3 Support To Simplify Complex Queries

Add up to Level 3 support & explain complex installation and troubleshooting procedures in easier, understandable way to your users.

Level 1 (Pre-Sales) Support

We understand the hurry a customer has while seeking the solution so our agents remain ready to answer their queries. Depending on the particular potential of each of your potential customers, all of these inquiries point toward conversion. Our pre-sales support tactics are built around the ethos of your brand. This makes it easier for leads to connect with your firm as they begin to associate it with particular promises and ideals. 

Our email agents are committed to meeting the expectations that customers have when they submit an inquiry. Our goal is to demonstrate to them how distinctive and advantageous your product is compared to those of your rivals.

Product Billing & Activation Support

We offer billing & activation support to your users to reduce their struggles to continue their use of the app/service portal. Once a transaction has been made, your consumers want assistance with payment processing. Our email operators inform them of all the payment options you accept and inform them of any special offers that could be related to a particular payment option. 

For instance, they could be qualified for a coupon if they have a credit card from a specific bank. In other circumstances, if their order surpasses a certain threshold, utilizing your e-commerce application could provide discounts. Once payment has been received, we help customers remotely activate their chosen product if they have purchased software.

Up to Level 3 In-App Technical Support

We understand the technicalities each software or app usually has so we devised a smart support structure for up to level 3 in-app technical support. In-app technical assistance is available to your customers and is great for solving issues as they arise. The application or device settings may have caused a bug in one of the program’s features. Customers can contact your employees with screenshots and a brief description of their experiences. 

In situations like this, our 15-minute reaction time is exactly what is needed. There are widespread issues that can be resolved with a predetermined approach. Our level 3 technical help comes to their aid for complex inquiries. Our email agents first locate the source of the issue before coming up with a plan to fix it without interfering with other aspects of your application.

Software Updates & Installation

You can receive product inquiries from companies that deal with complicated software for corporate networks and organizational structures through email. The danger to their business in the event of a problem increases the more integrated your software is into their regular operations. We don’t keep your customers waiting while their systems continue to be harmed. 

The correct installation of remotely manageable software is the first step in making sure everything runs well. Our email support representatives customize their selected software settings to meet the specifics of their company’s working environment. To ensure that the program continues to operate satisfactorily, we also plan frequent upgrades. To avoid interfering with operations, changes are announced in advance and are completed remotely.

Product Activation

When it comes to activating products, your customers have a few alternatives. Our email representatives can either manually activate the products from our remote system or provide them with the activation codes.

Billing Support

When it comes to billing, customers need to reassure a few things, especially if it’s their first time dealing with your business. We break the ice and invite them with discounts and double-check the accuracy of their invoice before providing them with a receipt.

Integration Guide

To assist your customers in managing product integration into their current configuration, our email operators are available 24/7. To ensure that your product does not adversely influence their system, we offer precautions and guide them on each step.

Software Installation

Our email agents remotely install the software that your clients purchased from your business to ensure everything works fine just as you promised. 

Product Training

Our email experts are always available to help customers fully understand a product’s function when they have their eyes fixed on it. We walk them through all of your product’s features and how they work as they get used to it.

In-App Technical Support

Our 15-minute response time enables your customers to get quick responses while using your applications. All customers need to do is explain their problem in detail and share screenshots so we can figure out the root cause.

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