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Automating Support Tickets via Tier-Base Mechanism

We speed up ticket resolution pace with our tier-based system to offer efficient & quick solutions against each query. 

Workload Management Metrics

Depending on its capacity, each layer of your technical help is given the incoming tickets. Since it is impossible to fully predict the nature of incoming questions, we have developed a productive system to handle the workload. Our key goals are to clear the backlog of tickets, shorten the response time, and speed up the process of resolution. Tier 1 and Tier 2 are given the easier questions, freeing up Tier 3 technical support staff to deal with crises that call for a professional in your field.

Recording First Response Times

Every ticket that comes your way has its initial response time for each level of technical assistance recorded. The quality of the customer experience your business provides is influenced by the initial impression your customers have of your technical assistance. Therefore, this is a crucial indicator that we examine and which further combines with the typical response times of the different tiers of your technical assistance. We include this information in tiered support performance reports so that your employees can use it to create marketing and optimization strategies.

Measuring Resolution Times

A performance indication that we use for writing reports is the time it takes to offer a good answer to your customer’s enquiry, in addition to first response time. This is a measure that can vary significantly between technical support categories. We do, however, recognise your desire to maintain a consistent customer experience and provide suggestions for resolution procedures. The goal is to keep resolution times as consistent as feasible for a particular query type or tier while also minimising resolution times. Each tier’s outliers are conspicuously indicated so that you may focus on making improvements.

Basic Ticket Statistics for Tiers

We keep you informed of the fundamental ticket statistics for all tiers so that you may develop long-term technical support strategy. We gather information on each tier, such as the number of newly submitted tickets, the number of tickets that were resolved, the percentage of tickets that were resolved in a specific length of time, and the instances of first response resolution. This informs your staff of the level of workload they can anticipate on a particular day or at a particular time. Additionally, it shows you the general effectiveness of each level of your technical support and tells you what areas they fall short.

Recording Service Levels

We can measure each technical support tier’s distinct service levels and provide a true reflection of their capabilities. The performance rankings between the levels are displayed by comparing the quantity of tickets submitted with the quantity of tickets resolved within a given timeframe. We also take into account the resolution time when inferring inferences from this data. To minimise the impact of outliers and emphasise the overall productivity of each tier, we compute averages. Our reports are useful for creating plans that satisfy the needs of each tier, which raises customer satisfaction.

Ticket Backlog Reports

Our emphasis is on providing relevant data that might point to the flaws of the various tiers of your technical support, such as the details on ticket backlogs that may harm your customer experience.

Conversations per Ticket

We may give you information on the chats per ticket when you are attempting to estimate the resources each layer of technical assistance has used. You can increase resource allocation with its aid.

Ticket Distribution

We discuss the initial task of technical support, which is to distribute incoming tickets across the current tiers and allocate each ticket to the agent most qualified to resolve it effectively and promptly.

Tier Traffic Analysis

We monitor traffic at various times of the day because the efficiency of your technical support’s tiers depends on the volume of incoming tickets and how they are distributed according to each tier’s specialty.

Ticket Resolution Rates

Your technical assistance is evaluated by your customers based on how quickly tickets are resolved. As a result, we compare ticket solution rates to the overall number of tickets in each tier.

Average Response Time

We can calculate the average response time taken over a specific time period, such as a day, week, or month, and use that information to give you a solid picture of how quickly your customers are receiving responses to their inquiries from each tier.

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