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Measure Support Process Quality

We inform you what support process works in your favor and where you need to update a few KPIs with our timely support process reports.

First Response Resolution Rates

We want to manage your technical support so that it becomes constantly more effective. Because they show the goals we have set for your technical help, first response rates are important in our reports. We make an effort to assign and handle each ticket in as little time as possible. Having the ticket addressed in a single chat is the ideal situation. This saves resources while making a wonderful impact on your customers. This data can be broken down by category to show which types of queries have the highest initial response resolution rates.

Service Level Indicators

Speaking of resources, as we are committed to upholding satisfactory service levels for your company, your investment in technical support should yield excellent returns. We are dedicated to speed up ticket resolution in order to reduce the backlog of open tickets. However, in order to get better reviews from your customers, we train technical support representatives to provide the best service possible. Our reports detail each agent’s performance and advancement in relation to the workload they were managing at any one time within our round-the-clock support system.

Measuring Response Times

To maintain a uniform experience across all platforms, equal attention is paid to each technical support channel. The response times we track vary depending on the style of your communication channel, but we make an effort to keep track of them for each one separately. For instance, a call operator can quickly answer calls from your customers. The same is true of your website’s live chat feature. We can receive a response to their emails in only 15 minutes as opposed to having to wait 24 hours. These response times are listed for various platforms and hours.

Maintaining Data Security

Our analysis on technical support process KPIs now includes compliance with the terms and conditions of data security set by governing agencies. We not only keep an eye on the moral side of data security, but we also develop strong anti-cyberattack defences for your support systems. For their assurance, your customers are informed of the compliance rules that we follow. To provide complete protection for the private information of your customers, we describe all the defence procedures that we have created and implemented.

Customer Ratings for Support

We have developed a number of techniques to stay informed about how your customers feel and think about the effectiveness of your technical help. These cover a range of channels for communication and provide your customers a chance to suggest improvements to your programmers. For this, reviews from blogs and online shops are helpful. We have a straightforward grading system for your customers in addition to the surveys we do to get feedback. After a technical support conversation, the user can select “Yes” or “No” to indicate their level of satisfaction.

Self-service Access

We make sure that your customers may look for the answers to their particular questions in the knowledge banks and product support communities that we painstakingly construct and update, even though we have a team of skilled industry experts available to them 24/7.

Abandonment Rates

We take careful note of incidents in which people have abandoned their vehicles and generate reports for your employees to use in their efforts to reduce the number of accidents of this kind.

Load Management

We continuously track the load distribution within technical support and their efficiency during periods of high load. To help you create more effective work load management techniques, this data is incorporated into reports.

Response Times

Your technical support’s response times on various communication platforms are correlated with the entire customer experience you provide. As a result, we give your personnel a thorough report on the response times for each channel.

User Data Protection

Together with your experts, we develop and implement robust security protocols to safeguard the private information that belongs to your customers. These are run in accordance with the regulations established by governing authorities.

Resolution Times

Customer satisfaction and the likelihood of good feedback for your technical help are higher the faster their issue is resolved. Our goal is to reduce resolution times for your company, thus we frequently gather data on them.

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