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Our reporting includes details highlighting how well your product is performing or if there are any changes required. 

Measuring User Engagement

Through reliable user statistics, we can illustrate how your product is progressing. One special benefit of outsourcing is that it makes user monitoring of your application or programme possible around-the-clock. The reports we put together comprise daily data that has been divided up into hourly segments and compared to show you peak engagement times. You can get an idea of how to design your marketing and maintenance schedules by providing findings about user behaviour at various periods. We also provide information on how users interact with different aspects and capabilities of your product.

Growth of Customer Base

We can demonstrate whether the projections produced by your developers on the number of users for a newly launched application were accurate. Our technical support staff members are continually compiling information on the number of app store views, downloads, general rating changes, officially registered users, and the total number of users who are active during the day. We highlight the patterns in the expansion of your customer base for a product in our product performance KPI reports.

Customer Referral Rates

We diligently work on optimising them to match the tastes of your customers as identified by feedback and analytics. To guarantee the success of your referral programmes for a service or product, this information is essential. We take note of the volume of inquiries you receive about the advantages they may be eligible for and the process for enrolling a customer. The real customer referral rate and the number of customers who continue to participate in your programme are, of course, the most crucial statistics.

Reporting User Trends

It takes time to organise the raw data that your programme collects, therefore firms do well to outsource technical support. Our staff is committed to gathering current data and organising it into insightful graphs and infographics. Your team will find it simpler to detect user patterns because we have clearly defined them. In addition, we summarise our findings based on these trends so that you may create a strategy. You may concentrate on improving a feature if a pattern emerges that indicates a particularly high degree of interest in it for improved user experience.

Analyzing User Feedback

We make use of a number of techniques for gathering customer feedback from various technical support channels. It’s pretty typical to receive regular email surveys or requests to assess your product after downloading it. Reviews submitted by your consumers can be found in abundance on the app store. Additionally, it gives you a chance to respond to them directly when you fix the mistake they’ve complained about. The reports we produce to tell your developers about user input provide them with useful information so they can build upgrades that meet the needs of your users.

Qualitative KPIs

Designing surveys to collect user feedback on the effectiveness of service and their degree of satisfaction is one of the responsibilities of technical support agents.

Quantitative KPIs

The statistics that we consistently track and record for the technical help that is answering the questions of your customers contain a wealth of useful information just waiting to be found.

Profit Generation

In addition to keeping track of all software downloads and purchases, we also compare the overall revenue made by your product to the cost of production.

Usage Statistics

In addition to keeping track of all software downloads and purchases, we also compare the overall revenue made by your product to the cost of production.

Feedback Analysis

We organise user perspectives of your customers so that your engineers may use them to design optimization techniques, rather than just reporting the comments your product is receiving.

Predictive Reports

Our experts can forecast a product’s future development by taking into account user reactions, engagement levels at various times, customer base growth rates, and other aspects.

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