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Constantly Improving Live Chat’s Quality

We monitor how live chat agents are performing in each shift and suggest routine-wise appropriate amendments.

Total Number of Chats

Our reporting mechanism can prove very helpful if you want to create a plan for tracking live chat queries.  This is more than simply a figure that suggests a possible workload. When a live chat is loaded, we let you know within an hour, day, week, or month. You may learn more about the expansion of your client base and website visitor population through the comparisons we produce. By identifying trends, you can forecast upcoming workloads and effectively manage your live agents.

Chat Acceptance Rates

We prepare data for both of the two live chat techniques that are currently in use. The messages sent out by users of your website are counted, along with the acceptance percentage of those messages. Additionally, we maintain a record of the chat invites that your live chat agents send out. The amount of invitations that were accepted gives you a sense of how effectively your strategy is functioning and points out areas for improvement to boost acceptance rates. A strong indicator of productivity is the number of chats a single live chat agent or the complete team accepts in a given amount of time.

Average Resolution Time

The usual response times of incoming inquiries may be used to evaluate the effectiveness of your live chat service. Of course, there are exceptions that require more time than the majority. In order to demonstrate to you how they impact the average resolution times, we mark those in our performance reports. Additionally, our reports provide the resolution timeframes for each agent and their whole unit. To find out more about the resolution times throughout the day, see our reports. Before and after a training session, you may set up a time to check for any changes in resolution.

Agent Utilization Rates

We monitor the activities of your live chat representatives when they are chatting, working on other things, and when they are offline. Our live chat support performance reports provide this information to show how your resources are being used. Our judgments may indicate whether or not activities are proceeding as you expected. We utilize benchmarking to check the balance of your agent utilization rates. We often add our comments on hurried resolves or overstaffing, depending on whether they are too high or too low.

First Contact Resolution

We investigate situations with unusual data while analyzing patterns in your live chat support for first contact resolution to see if your chat agents are acting in accordance with policy as they have been instructed to. The data is divided into time groups in the reports we provide on first contact resolution in order to let you know when it was most likely to occur. These hours may suggest periods when your clients are less active and your live chat representatives are only responding to straightforward inquiries from website visitors.

Customer Effort Score

As the comfort of your consumers comes first, we assist you in learning via live chat how difficult or simple it was for them to search for and get the answers that they were searching for.

Chat Closing Notes

We also keep an eye on your live chat representatives while they complete their post-conversation duties. We note their attention to detail when doing duties that could have an impact on your live support records.

Average Response Time

Customers who use outsourcing expect to obtain 24/7 live chat help, thus they don’t want to wait more than a few seconds for a response. If you are meeting or not meeting expectations, our averages will show you.

Offline Chat Data

Your consumers may leave you messages if you don’t have 24-hour answering services, and you respond to them right away. For your optimization tactics, we collect information about such offline encounters.

Conversion Rates

Our thorough reporting on incoming leads and conversion rates keep businesses who use live chat assistance to convert leads into paying customers apprised of their progress in this area.

Net Promoter Score

Following conversion, you maintain contact with your customers and encourage them to recommend your business to others. We can help you assess the success of this strategy using the net promoter score.

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