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Keep Knowledge Centers Updated via Timely Reporting

We analyze how effective (or ineffective) your knowledge banks are performing while a visitor access them in hopes of answers. 

Daily Views of the Knowledge Base

We monitor how your customers are responding to the knowledge base we’ve built for your business after developing effective strategies for it. Every day, hundreds of customers search your knowledge base for particular answers to their inquiries about your goods or services. We have put in place a sensitive monitoring system that is concentrated on your knowledge base and provides very accurate real-time data. We tally the total views each day of the week and use them in the reports we generate about the effectiveness of your knowledge centre.

Addressing Failed Search Queries

We pay special attention to the unsuccessful search queries since you need to be aware of what your knowledge base is lacking in order to provide a high level of customer satisfaction. The keyword-based search engine can deliver accurate results. If nothing appears, there must be some information lacking from your customer’s perspective. We focus on the typical failed search queries in order to avoid missing any of these searches. Our report provides you with a clear course of action so you can base your future knowledge centre plans on these unsuccessful search queries.

Ticket Submission vs. View Count

Self-service tools like knowledge bases and online communities for product support are designed to lighten the pressure on the various technical support channels including email, live chat, and services. We pay close attention to the comparison between the number of views your knowledge centre has received compared to the number of tickets submitted by your customers. We include tables and graphs that compare data from various periods in our reports. You can research how prices for tickets and views vary depending on the day of the week and the time of day. This aids in your comprehension of better ways to handle the workload of your technical support.

Customer Feedback on Pages

To cleanly divide categories and themes for your customers into several web pages, your knowledge centre has been set up. An article about product support could span several web pages with text, images, videos, and other content. We have included an automated feedback system at the end of that article. We provide a brief question and provide your customers with two options to make things simple for them. We can inquire, “Was this article helpful to you?” for example. Depending on their personal experience with that piece, they could click “yes” or “no.” Their responses come immediately to us, and we include them in performance reports.

Knowledge Center Bounce Rates

Even worse, a lot of people leave the landing page after only briefly viewing it. Even while it’s probable they quickly got the solution they were looking for, it doesn’t look good for your knowledge base as a whole. For the purpose of analysing the customer experience of your self-service platforms, bounce rate data is obtained. Naturally, bounce rates vary for different landing pages and categories, so we arrange the data to highlight interesting trends. This enables you to identify any shortcomings with those landing pages and articles. This provides an excellent foundation for knowledge base optimization process development.

Session Analysis

In the same way that we keep an eye on the traffic of your website, we are always gathering customers on customer behaviour for your help centre. We can provide information on bounce rates and the most popular pages.

New User Data

We can assist you in learning all about the new customers who are seeking to search for answers to their questions through the pages of your knowledge base if you are attempting to gauge the level of interest in it.

Returning Users

Customers who have already enjoyed your knowledge centre will likely return to learn more about its contents, therefore we monitor their behaviour for reporting purposes.

Total User Views

It’s critical to determine the reach of your knowledge centre, therefore our technical support staff set up counters to track the amount of visitors it receives throughout the day and week.

Failed Searches

Our findings on unsuccessful searches that were performed on your self-service platform might be very useful to you because they point out flaws and missing material that could increase views for you.

Bounce Rates

Our alert system notifies us whenever a visitor exits your knowledge centre after staying on the landing page, and we add them to the bounce rate counter so that you may take them into account in optimization efforts.

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