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Analyze Email Support Performance in Detail

We keep you up-to-date with email support’s performance on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis so you make smart decisions. 

Ticket Volume Measurement

We create reports on the most crucial email customer service parameters. Are you curious about the effectiveness of your email operations? Our reports offer a thorough examination of several facets of email support, from drip campaigns to the handling of complaints. It’s critical to understand how many tickets are clogging up your email services. We make a timeline to display this specific measure. The entire amount of incoming tickets may always be seen plainly. Comparative graphs show high workload periods so that your staff may plan a more effective response.

Average Response Times

The speed at which your email agents respond to customer emails greatly influences the effectiveness of your email support. It is not instantaneous response time like a call centre or live chat feature on your website. Nevertheless, we compare the average response times you receive to the benchmark you’ve established for your brand promise. In contrast to the 24-hour turnaround time required by an internal staff, outsourcing can cut response times to 15 minutes. We frequently offer these numbers side by side for your convenience because your workload directly affects how quickly you respond to email support requests.

Interactions per Ticket

This measure of email customer service is extremely arbitrary. As a result, we make an effort to document all the variables that can affect whether a ticket has fewer or more talks. For instance, Level 3 technical assistance may need several exchanges to resolve a complicated problem your customer is experiencing. The issue can be time-sensitive, and there might be a waiting period where the initial solution’s efficacy is evaluated. There are some tickets that require back-and-forth communication between the customer and email agent over several days in order to resolve. All of the significant and minor factors for each instance that were noted by your email support are included in our reports.

Analyzing Service Levels

Service level is a different indicator that is strongly related to average response time and ticket volume. As would be expected, measurements from other measures linked to email customer service must be used to estimate this statistic. The difference between your workload and your capacity for resolution is the only way to assess the worth of your service level. Your service levels’ data is organised by us into hours, days, weeks, and months. This compares the quantity of new tickets received to the proportion of old tickets that have been resolved at any particular period.

First Contact Resolution Rate

For your email support, the best case scenario for first contact resolution rate is investigated, and its specifics are included in our performance reports. From a variety of angles, we can provide you with information about the proportion of total tickets that were resolved upon initial contact. We could give you details on the initial contact resolution rate of an email agent if you are monitoring their performance. You can identify the types of issues that are most likely to be resolved at initial contact with an email operator by examining this metric from the perspective of ticket category.

Ticket Backlog

We produce reports on the ticket backlog at various periods and outline the causes of its development because your goal is to lessen the amount of ticket backlog your email support experiences.

Priority Tickets

Our email agents are instructed to categorise each ticket according to its urgency. This enables us to track and notify your specialists of high priority tickets that were resolved quickly.

Resolution Rates

Our email support performance statistics are set up to show how frequently tickets are resolved for different ticket categories, at different times of the day, and by individual email operators working under your direction.

Customer Ratings

We constantly check the automated feedback system that asks your customers if they are happy with the email help they receive. Additionally, our email agents create and carry out surveys for this reason.

Tickets per Agent

One of the comparisons we make in our performance reports is between the number of tickets allocated to an agent and the number of tickets they were able to resolve in a specific amount of time.

First Response Time

As part of your customer satisfaction plan, we track and report on the first response time for each email agent you employ, the sort of tickets we receive, and the overall email support.

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