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Analyzing Call Center Support Performance

We keep you up-to-date with call performances on a routine basis & suggest timely solutions to further improve service quality. 

Blocked Calls Percentage

You may determine how many of your incoming calls really reached your call operators using our reporting. This enables you to organize active call agents for your company more effectively. A key indicator of how well your answering services are handling the strain is the proportion of blocked calls that we report at various intervals. You will be able to track the development of your personnel more precisely if we restrict this metric to a specific call agent or call operator group. We also recommend improving your call center software’s optimization techniques or expanding the availability of your call operators.

Average Waiting Times

Our statistics include comprehensive information on the waiting periods that your callers encountered, which is closely tied to the percentage of blocked calls. When they call your number, even if they don’t hear a busy tone, they can end up waiting for several minutes. We give a realistic study of the typical wait times for various call agents at various times because this is undesirable. We may collect information on waiting times for the entire day because we monitor your call support around-the-clock. You can get an indication of the overall call volume and client satisfaction from this.

Call Abandonment Rate

Your answering service response time is correlated with the call abandonment rate that we track throughout the day. Your call abandonment rate can provide you with a wealth of useful information. It not only tells you when your callers were busiest, but also when your agents were at their busiest. You can choose future outbound call methods based on how your clients behave. Additionally, we can determine the typical waiting period that callers may tolerate before hanging up.

Average Resolution Time

The average resolution time may vary since, unlike email and live chat, the caller must remain on the line throughout the full interaction with your call operator. If a caller asked for a verification code, it’s possible that the call operator followed up with them the following day after handling their request. We keep track of every instance independently and compute averages from multiple angles. For instance, just their resolution times will be used for the average if you want to know how well your call agent has been performing that month. We will give you the average resolution rate for the entire year in case you are interested in learning more about the call support performance generally for that year.

After Call Work Time

We also provide measurements for your call operators’ productivity during those times, like after call work time, because they are expected to undertake a variety of activities in addition to answering calls from your customers. We distinctly indicate that as after call work time when they are keeping track of the calls they have handled for the day or looking at calendars. They report this individually or in a group setting depending on how you wish to use the data since it is a part of their job but does not require them to talk on the phone.

Call Service Levels

The information we provide on service levels is the greatest approach to assess how well your answering services are operating. The call volumes and call resolution rates are easily visible.

Agent Availability

We can assist you in researching the data that explains agent availability at various times of the day so that you may change your duties in order to avoid the occurrence of call blocking.

First Call Resolution

First call resolution rates are significant in this context because they are one of many aspects that go towards your customers’ satisfaction. For your convenience, we display this information by call agent and by averages.

Customer Feedback

We have created a simple mechanism that allows you to quickly get consumer feedback once a call has concluded. In reports, their straightforward “yes” or “no” can be used to generate precise conclusions.

Agent Turnover Rate

Even though it might not seem important to you, replacing a call agent who has left your firm and getting them trained takes time. Because of this, we use agent turnover rate as a performance metric.

Occupancy Rates

Using our occupancy rate data, you can assess the effectiveness of the call support system as a whole as well as the productivity of individual call operators when making decisions about your personnel.

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