Offering Success Insights Via Our Reporting Structure

We help you identify what actions are driving more results and where you need to review the technical support strategy to make your Saas project a success.

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Product Performance KPIs

We aim at offering you the detailed overview about your product is performing on different stages so you can take appropriate measures just in time. We develop KPIs for your product based on your product needs and business goals. These KPIs are for every stage of your product stage: introduction, growth and mature stage. Metrics such as number of users, active & inactive user percentage, and engagement graphs are some of KPIs that we include in our product performance reporting.

We also focus on product’s performance different contrasts such as initial stage, 3-month performance and yearly performance overview to evaluate how best or worst is it performing in comparison to your key competitors.

Support Process KPIs

Your prospective users can come from any platform so we stay prepared and even keep you updated about how our agents are doing while offering technical support. Our support process KPIs include insights that how each platform is proving beneficial for the product/app and which one is most used by the prospective users. We understand that every support process has to have its own KPIs based on its data protection, customer engagement, after work flow, security and user rights.

We also update you about resolved, pending, or unattended queries from each communication channel so you can pay attention to the problems arising and add fixes. We help you to improve your problems with regard to processes at each channel.

Knowledge Center KPIs

Knowledge banks are a great way to put your customer service on auto-pilot but you need to keep this section up-to-date from time to time. While reporting for our technical support solutions, we also analyze how well your knowledge centers are performing and if there is any update required. We measure how well each FAQ section is performing based on the time a customer spends on each section. Based on the failed search, we make suggestions on how to add data to the knowledge banks to improve them.

We collect data of your bounce rates, types of visitors, submitted tickets and if there’s a reduction in weekly ticketing ratio. Based on that data, we prepare report to update the knowledge centers to help customer search for their queries themselves.

Tiered Support KPIs

We’re a believer of teamwork because any company can achieve unthinkable targets if everyone works together. So, we analyze how each team (from tier 1 to tier 3) is performing and if there’s a need for training or counselling to inspire one of the team member to do better. Adding these stats not only give us signals who to promote and who needs a little encouragement at work but also keeps you updated if your technical team is working dedicatedly or not.

WE develop KPIs for each support level and check which metrics are applicable on all levels and which ones are different. Our ChatPandas develop same traditional KPIs for all three tiers and some specific KPIs different so you can measure the performance on each tiers separately.

Email Support Performance

In case you’re dealing with a huge email ticketing influx and have no idea how to reduce this number, our email support team is always available to resolve the challenges. Along with offering you the best email support solutions, we also update you with the stats that make your decisions smart & profitable.

Based on your submitted tickets and the number of tickets received against each problem, we can suggest changes on your processes, knowledge banks and product performance. We’ve divided our email support reporting into different stages to give you a brief insight that how this section of your technical support is performing along with chats and calls. With the data you get from our support tickets performance, you can keep even tomorrow’s customers happy.

Live Chat Support Contribution

A large chunk of today’s technical support is done in that little chat box within the mobile app or on your website. Live chat support has the most satisfaction rate as it is quick, easy and efficient – resonating the most with the young consumers.

We share the stats that offer you a peak into what’s working, what’s taking long for agents to close the tickets, and what’s not required and should be reduced from the chat interactions. After each interaction, the data is sent to the relevant departments. We update you about the most common queries in each chat interaction and what’s new that needs your attention to improve the overall score of technical support.

Call Center Support KPIs

Calls are the last stage a visitor would choose to find answers, so we examine each call interaction very carefully for you. Technical support over voice call can be a tough nut to track – but we are a tough nutcracker!

Our technical support reporting includes a brief overview of how each call interaction went for the week, month or for last 6 months. This data proves helpful for the decision-makers to take useful measures and improve the customer experience for the end user making your app/software the favorite in the market. Our call technical support reporting includes analytical insights and performance dashboards to help you make improvements to your services and fix errors/bugs.

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