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Personalizing Technical Support with Omnichannel Approach

We craft an omnichannel approach for your technical support structure so users can reach help from multiple communication channels.

24/7 Answering Services

When a customer has an issue with one of your goods or services, call assistance is typically their first port of call. Fortunately, our answering service representatives are always ready to answer your clients’ calls right away. With our call operator, they may register their concerns and receive first contact response. If their issue has to be escalated, we handle it effectively until they have a workable solution. To guarantee customer satisfaction, we also place follow-up calls.

Live Chat Management

Your customers’ conversations might sometimes seem more appropriate for our live chat representatives. They are able to submit screenshots, links, and data pertinent to their problem. They may easily explain their predicament as a result. Our live chat representatives can quickly analyse such data and pinpoint the underlying issues. Then we adhere to the procedure established by your specialists for that specific kind of situation. In follow-ups, we may also examine system performance and remotely eradicate the problem’s source.

Email Tickets Management

According to incoming traffic, our email ticket submission, assignment, and resolution have been tailored to meet the demands of your company at various times of the day. In order to assure customers that they won’t have to wait more than 24 hours for a response, we respond to each email within 15 minutes. Email ticket management, when used in conjunction with our phone support and live chat services, produces faster results than using just one type of contact. In addition papers that are attached to email responses, we may provide your customers further information.

Product Support Community

Our qualified customer care representatives additionally keep an active product support community in addition to your FAQ area. Your customers frequently peruse such threads in quest of the tags that are most pertinent to their present predicament. If they are unable to obtain the precise answers, they post their queries in the hopes of getting feedback from people who have had a similar issue as well as, of course, a customer service agent. It is simple for us to learn more about that customer’s issue and find a solution if we keep track of their activities.

Social Media Platforms

Real-time data is perfect for creating workable solutions to the problems your customers are facing. Your customers may visit our active social media pages and groups to get prompt and practical responses to their inquiries. We are always keeping an eye on how your customers are interacting with your social media platforms, so it’s simple to identify typical and particular concerns. With a comprehensive guide, the most frequent scenarios may potentially be included to your FAQ page in the future. In order to find a solution, we track your customer’s journey from phone assistance to social media.

Centralized Technical Support

We can simultaneously collect data on customer interactions with numerous communication paths because of our central command centre. Wherever a customer posts a single complaint, it is always regarded as a single complaint. Since there are no repeats and agents from every channel work together to find the best possible solution for your customer, this enhances the overall effectiveness of our technical support.


After your customer has stated their annoyance, we start investigating the cause. Resolution is then carried out in accordance with the procedures created especially for that purpose.

Web Security

The creation of security emergency protocols that instantly deploy resources for defence ensures the protection of your customers’ data and their systems.

App Crashing

An application developer’s biggest nightmare is to hear that their product has crashed on users’ end. We move quickly to reset it and implement long-lasting solutions for your customers.

Bug Elimination

Bugs are frequently to blame for activity disruption and sluggish system performance. We not only act quickly to fix faults on your clients’ systems, but we also do routine checks for identifying bugs.

Software Updates

We plan routine upgrades for your clients’ software to keep it operating at peak performance. These upgrades are carried out remotely by Level 3 specialists, who also explain them to your customers.

Remote Installation

We want all of your customers to be completely happy with the software and apps they purchase from your company. So, with remote installation for your customers, we get off to a strong start.

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