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Making Every Answer Accessible

We periodically update your knowledge banks to help your customers find solutions easier. 

Keyword-Based Search System

Customers looking for information about your goods and services will find your knowledge bank’s user interface to be as convenient as possible. Your knowledge bank’s core has been divided up into categories using keywords. These keywords also play a role in creating the knowledge bank’s search filters. By combining these two elements, you may help your clients narrow down their search results when looking for a certain answer. For focusing on issues that we have specifically covered in your knowledge library, long-tail keywords in particular are helpful.

Identifying Failed Search Queries

However, not all of your knowledge bank searches will be successful. Hold on, we also have a remedy for this. An effective method that converts those unsuccessful searches into worthwhile content for your clients has already been established by our specialists. While it may take some time, doing this ensures that you never make the same mistake repeatedly. If your knowledge bank left a consumer unsatisfied, technical assistance will make that customer happy on an individual basis. In the meanwhile, we receive notification of the unsuccessful search query and begin creating a page just for it.

Creating Documents for Guidance

Your customers may browse or download documents from your knowledge bank. We are committed to creating documents that are very valuable to your clients and address any inquiries regarding their particular needs. To do this, we must first identify the specific topics beyond the fundamental FAQs that your clients are interested in. We start by focusing on the most typical issues and questions about your company. We know how to improve that material to guarantee complete client satisfaction when more and more comments for the current papers flood in.

Monitoring & Analyzing Performance

We have a feedback feature built into every document that lets us know whether or not your customers found it helpful. We assign a grade to each document in our confidential files depending on the comments it received. We notice the strengths in papers that have been effective and the flaws in those that have not been as helpful to your readers. After rigorous research, we develop optimization tactics for papers that didn’t get high marks from your clients. To increase quality, knowledge banks use continuous process improvement.

Solutions for Common Email Queries

It is obvious that the trends in your users’ tastes are always shifting even as we collect data about them. It goes without saying that the email’s subject line will change based on the special offers and sales you are now running. If you recently launched a new product, the most of the emails will likely focus on how it works. Along with changes in client expectations, your knowledge banks’ content generation patterns also vary. To determine knowledge bank techniques, we identify the tags that have been utilised the most.

Information Access

As your knowledge bank serve as your users’ key information source, we ensure that they have simple access to the pertinent materials they wish to read in accordance with your terms and conditions.

Analyzing Response

The quality of the data in your knowledge banks and its evolution are both influenced by consumer input. As a result, we routinely gather and evaluate replies to help us operate better.

Setting Keywords

Depending on the topic of a publication, our professionals properly study the best keywords to use. By using pertinent and useful terms, we connect your knowledge bank search filter and documents.

Updating Guides

We don’t limit ourselves to only writing paperwork to provide instructions for using your goods and services. Your knowledge bank’s goal is to give consumers the most recent knowledge and understanding through optimization.

New Documents

We work quickly to create new, in-depth documentation for your knowledge bank whenever you introduce a new product or extend an existing service so that your consumers can get familiar with all of its features and functionalities.

Failed Searches

We attempt to transform unsuccessful searches into a benefit for the growth and extension of your knowledge bank rather than viewing them as a drawback on our behalf. These searches’ subjects are utilised to create new papers.

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