Perfecting Your Saas Project’s Technical Support

We incorporate the best technical support process in your Saas project to keep your customers happy with a suitable solution to their queries.

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Make Support Easy to Find

Our prime goal is to make the support options easily accessible for your app users so they don’t enter the frustration mode. An app user, upon not finding the support button, deems the app as an incompetent as they instantly need solutions to the slightest problems as they arise. They don’t want to spend minutes just finding the support options so we keep it simple for them while devising the technical support process for your users.

Not only do we provide support, we also make support easy to find. True customer happiness happens when we reduce the steps customers need to take to get their problems solved.

Interactive Knowledge Banks

We make use of customer data to craft a knowledge repository that solves problems whenever your users hit a search against a keyword. Not only that, we also monitor what section is performing well and where we need to work for making the answers more relevant and to the point. We also utilize the tickets initiated by the users and queries they enter while searching for a specific problem on your website to make the knowledge bank the prime option to search answers.

If we find that customers have been searching for a problem and they cannot find it in your knowledge bank, we make suggestions to get it added. We also make knowledge banks easy to navigate.

Understand and Fix the Cause of Issues

Generally, the technical support revolves around bugs, missing features or features that aren’t accessible to the users. While crafting the process for your software’s technical support service, we check these areas frequently to make them available for the users. So, whenever a user opens the app and doesn’t find a feature, our agents can help them locate and make the best use of these features.

We take care of frequently reported bugs and issues and make sure to report it to our team to get the solutions as immediately as possible. So not only we provide support solutions, we consistently monitor our performance to make it better. WE also check user feedback to report product related bugs to you so you can improve it.

Omni Channel Approach

We believe every support request should reach a centralized location and this includes support tickets, chat transcripts, new support issue reports, and social media messages. Doing so adds agility in agent’s performance and they’ll be able to process user’s request faster. While crafting technical support process, we treat B2B & B2C support slightly different and channelize them as per your visitor’s ease so they find the technical support extremely helpful right when they want a solution.

Having a centralized platform for problems eases the burden on our ChatPandas as there is no information loss, the information of the customer can be viewed on all platforms no matter which channel they choose to contact you and that data can also be easily shared with you.

Support Policy Documentation

We make adopting technical process easier for everyone joining the technical support team with our support policy documentation. These documents highlight every technical support process, the protocols required to be followed by the agents, and an alternative approach (if required).

This document highlights the scope of tier-based support each agent is required to offer depending on the scenario. We identify the problems which are to be solved by tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 support so everyone is clear on their responsibilities. The policy documentation also proves helpful for understanding the software compliance terms & how to deal with users having license breach issues. We also service level agreements (SLAs) to be totally transparent in front of our clients.

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