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Plan Technical Support Process from Scratch

We extend our process development expertise to help you craft a better technical support foundation for your users. 

Email Ticket Support Tools

We establish the email ticket system for your company using cutting-edge technologies instead of relying solely on skills.   The most current data for many facets of email ticket management are sent to the dashboard. This allows us to monitor the email support without having to manually assess each email. The submission, labeling, assignment, and settlement of tickets are all expedited by these technologies. They allow us to keep track of the number of tickets and how quickly they are resolved.

Diagnostic Middleware

We assess the effectiveness of your customer service using diagnostic middleware. In order to get accurate estimates for numerous metrics, we closely monitor your customer service. The information is then entered into diagnostic software to ensure that the figures are accurate. This provides a clear image of the specific aspect of your customer service that is undermining the whole system. Then we begin presenting options for dealing with issues.

Live Chat Management Software

Because speed is so important for live chat support, we employ solid software to keep things moving forward. These capabilities help us fulfill the commercial obligations you make to us, such as promptly resolving any complaint. In line with your expertise, they also allow us to update our live chat scripts, establish resolution standards, and keep track of each customer’s unique live chat history records. They might be of great assistance when doing follow-ups.

CRM Integration Strategies

We guarantee a constant flow of information between your customer support and website via effective CRM integration. A record that is useful to your sales and marketing teams is automatically produced each time a customer interacts with your website. You may save time and money by conveniently collecting real-time data. It allows you to address genuine queries rather than waste time creating records. Since the CRM connection is configured to do it for you, you won’t need to manually filter the data from your website into categories.

Managing Billing Portals

Thanks to self-service tools like billing portals, customers may manage their billing information directly without contacting customer care. However, representatives are always on hand to help, walking your customers through the interface & billing alternatives. Their credit histories, history of subscriptions, private account information, etc. are all accessible to them. A customer has the option of manually subscribing if they want not to utilize the billing system.

Workflow Design & Development

We have defined the several intricately connected processes that make up your customer services in workflow diagrams for your review. The workflow design is the first thing we look at when a new process is introduced or alterations are suggested.

Discussing business process optimization with your staff is made easier by workflow charts. It is easy to pinpoint the areas that want improvement and to ascertain if the recommended changes could have an effect on the aspects that are connected to those areas.

Technical Support

Our team of experts is putting in a lot of effort provide level 3 technical support for your products and services. Everything from software installation to product activation is something we can manage.

Email Ticket Tools

We promise a prompt reply and effective email ticket resolution. The correct software helps us to allocate, categorize, and organize incoming requests from your customers, which makes this feasible.

Live Chat Scripts

Your customer’s initial impression of your live chat service is frequently influenced by the welcome script that they hear. In order for live chat scripts to represent your brand’s culture and maintain its uniqueness, we discuss with the team.

Call Forwarding

By maintaining a successful system that guarantees no one has to wait a long time before their call is transferred to the person who is most prepared to handle their urgent situation, our customer support professionals keep your callers satisfied.

Support Community

We actively assist your customers by phone, email, and live chat in addition to running a vibrant product support community with orderly threads where they may find individualized answers to their problems.

Social Media Tools

Our customer support is always prepared to help customers who contact your social media accounts using tools made for that platform since they often anticipate the fastest replies.

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