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Adding Excellent Technical Support Infrastructure

Offering our infrastructure consultancy to give your technical support structure a customization that solves customer problems faster.

Managing Server Configuration

We are aware of how important your servers are to the smooth running of your company. Our experts are prepared to help your team with activating the protocols you’ve chosen for your servers.  When you need tasks like setting up encryption for your system but don’t have the time to do them yourself, outsourcing is a good option. We can help your company save time and effort by taking care of server settings around the clock.

Product Interoperability Adjustment

We can help you with the optimization of your product’s compatibility with different systems and applications as it is being designed and developed. This assignment is based on the requirements for your product considering its unique use. 

We can make recommendations after evaluating your product’s performance in view of its features, which are intended to work seamlessly with pertinent systems. We provide data to forecast the performance of the interoperability optimization techniques we have created for your product. These strategies are backed by appropriate testing that yields positive outcomes.

On-premises CRM Integration

Outsourcing calls for remote customer care, this does not imply that our operations are separate from your on-site customer relationship management. Our goal is to successfully integrate with your on-premises CRM system. Not only does this provide continuous contact and data flow between the two parties, it also enables us to work together to develop profitable strategies for your customer service. 

We stay in sync while managing your consumers thanks to quick real-time data transmission. When we are attempting to respond to a question from a client who has reached you over many different means, this is practical.

Cloud CRM Integration

For quick access to all of your customer base’s segments through any customer care channel, we suggest incorporating your cloud CRM. It is suggested by our experts as a viable strategy for companies who have outsourced customer support. Preparing for your company’s future business development is our top priority while integrating Cloud CRM. 

We can easily handle a growing client base since your CRM software is located on the cloud. It also makes it simple for you to expand the functionality of your customer support, another job with which we actively help you.

Product Hosting Platforms

Being associated in the development and design of your products gives us understanding of the specific hosting needs of your products. We have a notion of the magnitude of your product after examining at its functionality, features, and performance. 

We investigate several hosting platforms that could be appropriate for your project. The list we provide your team includes the top choices that are currently available. We weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option with the help of your specialists to make sure the final pick is the best one.

Securing Data

We adhere to industry standards and guarantee total security for your users as well as the safety of your company systems. We follow safety protocols to mitigate a situation in the event of an attack.

Email Archives

Each email ticket that is received and the details of how it was resolved are immediately entered into your email support database. For future drip campaigns, we utilize it to write reports for your sales and marketing teams.

System Outages

We make every effort to maintain uptime at a level that is conducive to your company’s success. Uptime is essential to business success. Together with your team, we develop strategies for how to maintain productivity while systems are down.

Managing Servers

We are available to help your team around-the-clock with installing, configuring, and maintaining the servers that power your everyday operations. Any problem is immediately notified, and we take immediate action to fix it.

Hosting Options

Your product may have a wide range of hosting platform possibilities, but your customers won’t be happy with an average option. To determine which hosting platform would work best for you, we collect information about most relevant options.

System Integration

Our customer support team is equipped with the knowledge and technical expertise to help your team with efficient system integrations, including customer relationship management for both on-premises and cloud components.

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