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Respond Faster to Product-Related Queries

While offering level 1 technical support, our agents maintain your brand reputation with faster product-related responses on calls, via emails, or in live chat interactions. 

Email Tickets for Product Queries

In order to effectively handle the email tickets that your customers send in relation to the items they have purchased from your business, we have developed a system. We can provide them with more effective solutions because of the ongoing recording of their contacts with your company. When compared to the 24-hour average for email support handled by your competition, our response time is only 15 minutes. Email tickets are swiftly assigned to the agents who can handle them the best and satisfy your customers. We can carry out any troubleshooting necessary if they encounter any problems in accordance with predetermined guidelines created in consultation with your employees.

Inbound Calls for Product Support

We are ready to take customer calls around-the-clock since we understand that using an answering service will help customers obtain answers to their questions about products more quickly. You may provide technical help after hours thanks to outsourcing. As your company develops, you may increase your call support capabilities to handle incoming traffic. 

Since many businesses are open 24/7, we can help your customers with your items. When a feature abruptly stops functioning as it did previously, we act right away while taking down their request. They feel more at ease when they speak with a qualified call representative who is already familiar with their customer history and has a clear understanding of how to provide a long-term solution.

Engaging Traffic on Landing Pages

Visitors to your website may always see and use the live chat feature since it appears when they land on your homepage. When customers have a specific query about your offering, they may write it in the space given while they surf your website when it is minimized. We employ live chat scripts that have been approved by your personnel to quickly respond to their question. Our live chat agents actively interact with leads that come on your landing sites as a consequence of ongoing marketing activities in addition to questions posted to your live chat inbox. According on interaction and behavioral data, we speak with your leads and customers about the goods they have indicated interest in.

Maintaining Your Knowledge Banks

Another way to respond to inquiries from customers regarding the things you provide is through self-service. To assist your customers in learning more about the features and functionality of all your items, we have created comprehensive product guides. The most frequently asked questions in your product support groups are used to update the FAQ section on your website. Your customers may use search terms associated with your items to locate threads that include the information they need. In order to develop content strategies for your knowledge bank, we track unsuccessful search queries. The development and upkeep of your business’ knowledge library depend heavily on customer input.

Product Features

Depending on why they are purchasing your goods, different customers have diverse interests in the features. We may inform them specifically about the characteristics of your company’s products about which they have questions.


We routinely respond to inquiries about the functioning of your items for a variety of objectives in addition to instructing your customers on how to use them. We let them know the variety of things they can do with your goods.


Your customers frequently ask you about compatibility issues with the gear and software they currently own. Our technical support agents provide your customers with interoperability information for specific goods.


We advise your customers about the compatibility restrictions of the systems that they may already be using for their business as every product that your firm sells has certain installation and operating requirements.

Security Risks

Your customers’ information is protected from prying eyes by our use of protection methods, which we make clear to them. We also urge them to abide by the safety instructions for the product they have purchased.


We describe how we will schedule updates for a product at regular intervals to ensure that it does not develop security issues and continues to function normally when your customers register for it.

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