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Staying Connected via In-App Support

Our agents remain active to respond in-app queries & quickly resolve user’s problems. 

Visibility of In-app Technical Support

One of our main priorities is visibility while we are engaged creating technical support methods for your apps. We recognize that your customers look for convenience when selecting your application. Particularly new users require some time to become used to your application’s UI. They could have issues more frequently than those who are familiar with its operation. Because of this, we try to position your support symbol so that people can see it immediately away. From the perspective of your customers who are also examining the apps of your rivals, the high visibility of your support icon and the ease of access to technical assistance that you provide may be a decision factor.

Customer Relationship Management Integration

We don’t want to further divide your application from your primary platform because it already exists as a distinct entity. Obviously, your application and website might operate together, but what about technical support? The fact that all communication channels are linked to one central place is a salient aspect of our technical assistance. Your application’s data exchange with the customer care center helps to streamline technical support and provide a superior customer experience. Customer contacts with your company are retrieved by our agents when a support ticket is opened by them within your application. This enables us to comprehend the issue more thoroughly and provide your customers long-lasting solutions.

Personalized Assistance within Applications

We make use of the distinct customization component that is associated with applications while developing tactics for in-app technical support. Typically, the customer’s device is immediately linked to the registration of the application, and you continuously receive use information from it. Using this information, we may identify trends in user activity and discover more about their preferences. 

We try to take geography into account while making technical support plans so that we may better meet the demands of your users. Technical help that is tailored to the individual is gratifying for both your customers and your personnel. We now have additional knowledge about how customers have interacted with your company through that specific application, which enhances their overall customer experience.

Targeted Outbound Alerts for Application Users

Although data supplied to your centralized technical support platform may be of tremendous use to us, our tactics also involve sending outbound messages to the users of your apps. When your customers contact you, they could feel that you need to know everything about their problems in order to handle them—this is in contrast to self-service options like knowledge banks. We move on to schedule crucial messages sent directly to your customers within that application after identifying the points that contact this aspect. They get our communications via timely push notifications within your application, such as those for planned maintenance.

App Integration

We provide seamless integration with your application since you don’t want your customers to think that technical assistance is something that only exists on the outside and that they must make an effort to reach it for their issues.

Live Chat Widget

Through the live chat widget built into your application, your customers can easily access immediate in-app technical help. We can reply to their concerns within a few seconds if they submit them in.

Voice Searches

We can assist you in giving your application’s consumers a better customer experience by utilizing the voice search function on smartphones. They can talk into their phones to send their inquiry to your technical support.

Push Notifications

We schedule outbound messages for your apps’ users so that they may receive push notifications anytime we need to alert them to something crucial, such the fact that a feature is unavailable due to maintenance.


Customers may file a help request by clicking the support button within your application if they experience a problem with how it works, and we will allocate it to the best agent and begin the troubleshooting process as soon as possible.

Removing Bugs

Since there are frequently complaints about bugs interfering with your application’s daily routine and lowering its overall performance, we have created efficient routines and approaches for getting rid of problems

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