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We conduct extensive training sessions to equip agents for offering excellent technical support for your product/services.

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Level 1 Support – Product Website

Your website is a goldmine to generate more leads only if you have active technical support in place. It is because your visitors (both existing users & prospects) always have some concerns. If you’re able to answer these queries satisfactorily, you increase the chances to convert them into a customer for life. Our agents work carefully to understand visitors’ queries and convince them to try your products/services.

There may be a lot of questions in the mind of your existing customers as to how they can use your products/services to add value to their day-to-day life. Our ChatPandas are always here on the website to answer the toughest questions which helps with customer retention.

In-App Support

Applications demand timely inspections, bug analysis, and routine inconsistency checks in order to achieve their primary goals. Our application support is structured to offer you the facility to conduct timely inspections for inconsistency, bug identification, and documenting various other functionality- related issues.

This calls for incorporating in-app support to solve your user’s queries. Our agents are trained to take in- app queries, process tickets faster, and resolve problems in record time to keep your visitors happy with the company. We have tier 2 & 3, technical support teams, to take customer queries, diagnose the bugs, and guide the users to find the right solution & access to the features they’re seeking in the app.

Remote Installations

It’s difficult to go deep into details for someone who’s not very fond of technology. But our agents make it very simple for your customers dealing with installation issues with our remote installation support. We connect with them virtually (and access their device) to fix the issue faster and resolve their queries for creating a pleasant customer experience.

We can diagnose malware, provide remote troubleshooting, desktop support, fix bugs and even help your customers to install updates or new versions successfully. We want your customers to have a full technological experience with your products and our ChatPandas are there to help them with all kinds of tech queries.

Product Testing

Testing prior to launch gives us confidence that the product would work fine. We offer a product testing facility on multiple stages to ensure your product is ready for launch and there are no bugs in it that may create discomfort for the end user. We identify bugs, look out for any kind of errors, consistently test beta versions and even do a soft launch before launching the final product.

From group testing to end-user market tests and load testing, we do it all to ensure your dream project is ready for serving the community and becoming a revolutionary addition to the market. Trust us with your product testing to make sure to convert your dream business idea into execution.

Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

When your users face issues while integrating the software into their devices, our agents extend the help required in the shape of troubleshooting and diagnostics support. Not only installations, but we also help your users with fixing the setting-related issues on their devices so they can utilize the app to its full potential.

We keep track of the issues your users frequently face and make adjustments to future releases so installing and customizing the app is no longer a tough job for a new user. Our ChatPandas make sure your users do not encounter any problem while using your services and even if they do, we stand ready to assist any hour of the day.

Level 2 and 3 Support

When your users (and their queries) increase in number, our agents always step forward to offer level 2 & 3 support to resolve them faster. Our agents are trained to handle up to level 3 technical support queries with a smart approach that solves users’ problems with a 100% satisfaction record.

Bug fixes, server-side configurations, key releases, and new feature enhancements, leave them all on us and our technical support experts will make sure that your users have a pleasant experience while resolving their issues. Our technical support is present on call, live chat, email, in-app support so your user can contact us on any platform. Up to level 3 technical support means no query goes answered as we provide 360 degree solution to the needs of your customer.

Product Billing and Activations

A prominent part of the app & software-related projects is the billing and account activation issues. Our agents are trained to offer a technical support facility that not only covers billing-related issues but offer your users the right solutions to regain access to their accounts.

We also guide the user with the inactive app status queries and make sure they leave with an active user status & a positive memory of the service provider. If customers encounter billing issues or they have a misunderstanding regarding payments, this can harbor a lot of customers within a customers. We make sure to resolve their queries in line with the policies of your business to increase customer retention.

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