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Process Success Indictor

Developing live chat processes is one part and tracking success is another that we include in our reporting mechanisms.

Perfection is a long-term process that demands patience and continuous monitoring over each event. While crafting our reporting metrics, we give process analysis priority so you could know how successful or unsuccessful were the initial live chat procedures. 

With our variable reporting solutions, we give you the eyes to spot the weaklings in your existing live chat procedures and fix them along the way. Because we know these little improvements can bring big changes in your sales graphs and customer satisfaction ratio which is imminent for becoming the prime choice of your consumers.

Lead Conversion

Our aim, while creating process performance metrics, is to identify a pattern in confirmed leads and see what went wrong in unconfirmed ones. We begin by spotting customers’ satisfaction levels from the live chat session and assess how accurate the answers were. 

Then, we move on to examining the timeframe of the converted leads and match the duration with the lost leads to offer you an insight into what went wrong. This cycle begins from the very first touchpoint (the landing page) where the visitor appears and continues to monitor their behavior in the 2nd, 3rd and final stages until they’re converted. Our reports usually contain these columns for your thorough understanding of this whole cycle: 

Once we finish analyzing these important avenues, we compile personalized reports for demonstrating visitors’ behavior, conversion patterns, and purchase history. The reports are also supplemented with canned responses used for converting the prospect into a confirmed lead.

Prospect Filteration

While you reach out to your customers, you must know about their last query status so you can keep the responses as personalized as they could be. We include customized tagging in our process performance reporting to offer you a deep understanding of how your customers have interacted with your business previously and what should be your response when they respond back during the live chat. 

We filter out similar responses and group clients so you can process their requests faster and reach the upselling phase once their issues are resolved. The separation based on new vs old and happy vs upset gives your live chat team the right tone to tackle their queries and push the conversation to upselling phase.

On-Floor Protocols

The slightest element of distraction can impact productivity during work and therefore we give you the tools to measure your agents’ focus when on the floor. Our process performance reporting also monitors how well an agent follows the set protocols when they go on the floor. Following rules like switching off phones and limited web browsing habits cultivate a higher level of dedication in their behavior. 

In fact, they get to focus on clients, listen to their questions thoroughly, and provide a personalized solution for each situation while staying within the set work standards. All this is monitored and controlled with the detailed on-floor inspection reports that we send periodically to our clients so they can make the right assessment of the team and make appropriate arrangements where necessary.

Workflow Indicators

One of the objectives of our process performance indicator is to offer our clients a way to understand the effectiveness of each protocol. This deals with a rating system of different live chat procedures that addresses how successful or unsuccessful they were and what could be done to improve them.

Database Approach

Every response, every query generates data that piles up to become such a massive entity for the organization. While crafting our process performance reporting, we give due importance to data management for crafting an improved response structure for future visitors. Our data management mechanism allows you to segregate specific scenarios and design more relevant responses to solve the issues faster and in a smarter way. 

Another important ingredient for making the data work for you is our selection of specific web tools that refine the big chunk of information that is collected from live chat on daily basis. Once you receive this information in a sorted manner, you know what to do with it and create a magical experience for your unsure visitors.

Demand-Based Support

It’s important for understanding what each visitor wants while clicking the chatbox on your website. And we tend to enhance the utility of our process performance reporting that tells you where to send your visitor after starting the initial conversation and understanding their query. Some may want to talk about an issue in their payment option and others might be dealing with some technical issue. 

We guide you on what protocols to follow for redirecting each visitor based on the data collected from previous live chat records. Moreover, we help you plan out the whole live chat strategy for pre-sale and post-sale support for enhancing the reliance of your customers on your live chat support whenever they have a question.

Flexible Engagement Strategies

One of the core objectives of creating process performance reports is to spot the avenues for growing the engagement ratio in your live chats. We do so by analyzing the live chat transcription, how agents respond to every query, and a lack f information at different points during the conversation. 

This deep analysis allows us to offer you a better live chat response structure for various queries including sales, technical support, marketing, investor relations, etc. This personalization allows you to make your live chat support more relevant and on-point for your visitors and unlock various opportunities for revenue growth.

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