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Purpose-Based Reporting

We understand variable stakes so we offer a goal-oriented live chat reporting mechanism.

We understand how each stakeholder has a different objective at month-end for increasing business revenue. Keeping this variable needed for each decision-maker, we keep our reporting tailored to offer them the insights they need. This variable reporting method does not help them in measuring our live chat efforts but also proves helpful in redefining their course of action for improving various verticals both internally and externally. 

We put ourselves in your shoes and try to understand what particular information you need for making an effective decision for your business. And we, therefore, have come up with multiple goal-oriented reporting methods that offer you clarity into your business operations and how your key consumers interact with you when reaching out to your live chat support. 

Here are the main goal-oriented reporting mechanisms that we’ve defined for our clients:

More Lead Conversions

Leads are the prime focus of every business that we prioritize in our live chat strategy so you generate more revenue. We understand tracking the lead generation method is more important for you to monitor how successful was the campaign. 

And we give you the figures that address your lead generation concerns and ultimately enable you to refine the sales funnel in order to increase your lead conversions. From the pages to the exact location when your visitors hit the purchase button and more, we analyze every pattern to help you craft a smarter lead conversion funnel and increase your business’s profitability.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

One of our reporting objectives is to tell you how satisfied or unsatisfied your customers are with your business. It is because customer satisfaction has become a prominent success metric today that businesses are beginning to utilize. The more you brief them about your offerings and answer their queries in detail, the higher chances you’ve of converting a query into a sale. 

Our CSAT ratio (which stands at 88%) is one of the reasons that our clients get to convert more leads than their competitors in the last few years. Not only that, we offer you various other metrics for measuring your customer’s success ratio with: 

Improved Sales & Revenue Ratio

Along with offering you live chat interaction insights, our result-oriented reporting method gives you a peak in your customer’s mind. Have you ever encountered a prospect who backed out at the last minute? 

That’s the ideal description of the customer that you need to reconnect with, ask about the reason he refused to buy, and convert him into a sale. Our personalized CRM provides you the data that helps you in connecting the dots and understanding the reason for lost clients. We, thus, enable your sales team to improve sales numbers for each month and ultimately increase the revenue for the company.

Reduced Chat Support Cost

Our purpose-based reporting is structured to enable our clients in spotting unnecessary spending on their live chat operations. We begin with calculating the exact cost of customer acquisition and assess the sale cycle so you can cut the cost from unnecessary points, reduce the process and ultimately reduce the spending. 

Our live chat cost reporting includes a thorough analysis of your complete support cycle and ensures that your visitors are pinged only when they want to speak with an expert. This analysis proves helpful not only in crafting a better support session but also allows you to avoid spending too much on your customer acquisition events.

Reduced Cart Abandonment Ratio

Are you currently facing the higher cart abandonment issue? Well, we surely can help with our tailored reports that include the patterns of your cart abandoners. One of the objectives of our live chat reporting is to make you understand why people aren’t buying from you Or say, where’s the weakling in your marketing strategy that keeps your visitors away from that purchase button. 

Our goal-oriented live chat reports begin with analyzing the visitor’s navigational patterns and locating where exactly they go after leaving the checkout page. And based on this behavioral graph that we sketch, you can spot the hurdles and improve your cart abandonment rate.

Optimized Response Time

Just put yourself in your customer’s shoes and tell how you’d feel when the company that claims to be at your service 24/7 doesn’t respond to your queries. Response time is one of the most important metrics to evaluate a live chat strategy and this is why we include it in our reporting. 

We share the response time data for each live chat interaction and offer you an insight into how quickly your live chat team responds to your customers on the website. This reporting helps you in understanding the poor or excellent response time ratio to further personalize the experience for your website visitors.

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