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Minimizing Employee Turnover Rate

Cultivating stronger relations with employees by keeping them happy, and satisfied with their jobs.

Employees are the valuable asset a company has especially when we talk about live chat support. We believe that a live chat agent understands the visitors more deeply than anyone else in the company so we give due attention to their wellbeing by minimizing the employee turnover rate. We, with our HR department, devise employee-centric work culture to offer our live chat agents the reasons to stay and focus on the work with full dedication.

Why Agents Quit?

It is pertinent to discuss as why employees leave an organization before describing how we keep our employee turnover rate lower. There are various reasons that compel a good employee to leave the organization and we analyze each of them very closely to understand where we’re lacking in terms of providing them with a good work environment. Here are a few reasons that cause the surge in employee turnover rate:

How We Calculate Agents Turnover?

There are different reasons as why employees quit their current role so let’s start by understandingd the good, the bad and the general turnover scenarios. Som employees are laid off by the company and some quit their job role voluntarily. And then there’s a group who is promoted by the higher management. So, how’d you describe this change in roles and faces amongst the people who represent the organization while offering the live chat support service.

Below is a simple formula to calculate employee turnover rate:


Employee Turnover = Employee Seperations/Active Employee Count


Suppose, an organization loses 35 employees out of its 100 staff members, the employee turnover rate would be 35% in this scenario. 


35/100 x 100 = 35% 


Now, if we study this concept a little deeper, we’ll discover how some scenarios are point at a company’s dealing with bad employee turnover rate. For example out of these 35 employees who left their current role, 10 were promoted to a higher rank, 20 resigned and 5 were laid off by the management. In this scenario, the 10 who were promoted are the good employee turnover but the remaining two groups will be termed as the bad employee turnover.


Bad Employee Turnover Rate = Employees Terminations + Employee Quits/ Active Employee Count 


For further explaining the goods, the bads and the general employee turnover rate, here are a few graphs that will help you in understanding this metric: 


Employee Turnover Graph

[Graph Here]


Good & Bad Employee Turnover Graph

[Graph Here]


The above graphs show how an organization is facing a bad employee turnover rate and failing to prenent it with good turnover rate.

Turnover Rate External Benchmark

One of our strategy to measure employee turnover rate is that we compare other company’s employee turnover with ours. We collect data from exteran, credible, sources such as the chamber of commerce and other regulatory bodies in human resources and ensure that our employee retention rate is at normal round the year.

How We Optimize Employee Turnover Rate?

We value or employee that we found after so many interview rounds and training sessions. So, losing them is not an option at all. For ensuring that our loyalest assets, our employees stay, we use a few protocols that makes them stay with us, stay happy with their jobs and find a sense of satisfaction, too.

Appropriate Hiring

We start with a specialized screening method to find the right live chat agent talent. Since we’re aware of the fact how difficult it is to stay online to attend 4-5 different visitors, so we seek a candidate who is patient enough to not just chat but resolve their issues.This candidate search is expanded over different assessment rounds, written and verbal language test. Also, our interview rounds include a face-to-face assessment part to evaluate applicant’s personality traits and confidence leve. This allows us to pick only those who are a team player, able to represent the organization in the best manner and stay confident during chat interactions.

Timely Trainings

We believe in nurturing the best chat agents by offering them the product knowledge, skills, and the right mindset while they initiate the work every day. We pay attention on employee development so they emerge as the best resource a company can ever get. Our training modules are divided into different stages to offer a fresher the proper understanding of the work we do for each client to meet the versatile need of every project.

Co-workers Collaboration

We encourage the spirit of teamplay that is impossible without interacting with each other. To foster the culture of sharing thoughts, helping each other and creating valuable friendships amongst the employees, we use an internal chat too. Because we don’t want to give our employees an impression that they’re working as a robot who don’t have a personal life.

Burnout Monotonous Routines

One of the prominent reasons of a higher employee turnover rate is the redundant work routine. We keep analyzing the duration and timeline when an employee displays the sign of disinterest so we devise our work patterns to allow them the room to recharge their energy and regain the interest in the work. One of the ways that we incorporate is by switching the employees within different sub-departments just to offer them a change in their work routine.

Offer Flexibility

The other way that we use to reduce our employee turnover rate is by offering our agents a flexible work shift. They can select a different shift timing to adjust work with their personal commitments and enjoy a truly flexible work-life balance. Also, we have a backup live chat support team in the event of an emergency or if an agent is not available to attend the chats.

Focus on Team’s Feedback

For keeping the employee turnover rate at minimum, we constantly ask them for their feedback to understand the kind of problems they’re facing at work or with the customers. This feedback tradition allows us to maintain a healthy work environment where our agents feel part of the whole company ecosystem and a sense of ownewrship of the work they do on daily basis.

Office Culture

We plan different activities to offer our agents the relief from workloads and short-term project deadlines. We design a work culture that is human-centric and allows our agents to enjoy their time during breaks and while taking chats. This practice keeps everyone glued together where they can be themselves when not taking chats and go back to their stations with a high energy that is visible in their work quality. 


These practices enable us to stay connected with our employees, understand their pain points, and to explore the ways to fix work culture for reducing the employee turnover rate

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