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Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Ideal customer service

Do you know retaining an already existing customer is many times cost effective than getting a new one?

This is why it is very important to retain your customer base and our Chat Pandas stand ready to assist you in this regard. Even your satisfied customers can switch businesses after a bad customer experience so a consistently improving customer service is the need of every business. A customer with a good experience may tell a few people, however, a customer with a bad experience may tell the whole world so this is very important to build a loyal customer base. A loyal customer is as asset for your business and we make sure we turn your satisfied customer into loyal ones.

Measuring CSAT in metrics

Customer happiness cannot be measured by any metric, however, we can measure customer satisfaction by measuring CSAT scores.

Customer Satisfaction Metrics

We measure customer satisfaction by a variety of metrics and for that we have developed questionnaires and surveys while consistently trying to improve them. 

Customer satisfaction score

We measure customer satisfaction score through customer feedback by asking them a simple question of how would they rate their satisfaction with the services or goods they have purchased. Customers use the scale of 1-5 by replying from the following options: Very unsatisfied, unsatisfied, neutral, satisfied and very satisfied. We then average the results to get our CSAT score and we use percentage scale to express it. Our feedback form consists of a survey and can be a questionnaire through website, in app survey or through other methods.

Net Promoter Score NPS

Net promoter score is determined by how likely the customer is to recommend to a friend. NPS is measured by a simple question of asking a customer that on a scale of 0-10, how likely is it that they would recommend the said business to family, friends and acquaintances. Customers that give 6 or below are termed as detractors, those who give a score of 7-8 are passives and those who choose 9-10 are promoters. NPS is measured by an aggragate of individual scores and measuring percentages in each group. 

To calculate your Net Promoter Score, subtract the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters. NPS = % promoters – % detractors. It is that simple.

Star rating

Star rating is the simplest and the most widely used customer satisfaction metric. By a star rating, you’ll get a clear idea of customer’s feedback and if they are really satisfied with your product or services. As you may already know, higher stars mean better rating.

Customer Effort Score

CES is a metric that measures how much effort a customer has to do to get their problem solved. CES surveys ask the customers how easy was for them to interact with the company and ask them to choose on a scale of very easy to very difficult. The easier you are to reach by a customer, the more satisfied they are overall by your brand. 

CSET is a relatively easy survey and one of the best methods to measure customer loyalty. Along with other methods, it can give you a clear picture of the relationship a customer has with your company. CES surveys are mostly used immediately after a customer’s interaction leading to a purchase or a simple customer service related experience.

Measuring CSAT Directly

CSAT can be easily measured directly which also gives a personalized touch and makes customers associate with your brand.

In-App Surveys

If a customer is using your app, in-app surveys are an obvious way to get CSAT scores. Customer satisfaction can be measured by their mobile phones which is quick, easy and deliver fast results. We collect their feedback in such a way that it does not disturb them from using your services but rather we make them feel engaged and assure them their feedback will be used to improve their experience.

Email Surveys

Emails are an excellent way for feedback collection. We know our way around email marketing and make sure to attach surveys in drop email campaigns, with newsletters or we embed the survey directly into the email. Our email marketing campaigns are sure to attract your customers and we optimized them in a way that they never reach spam and directly go to their inbox.

SMS Surveys

We know that all of your customers own a phone and thus an sms is a sure way to reach them. It is quick, cost effective and a sure way to get their feedback. A customer can easily fill the survey and return it back quickly where our team is ready to collect and measure it.

Volunteered Feedback

Whether you recently had some changes, introduced a new product or have kept giving the same services, it is always helpful to have an open ended survey box or an email where a customer can voluntarily submit their feedback. This is the kind of feedback which doesn’t require much effort bu gives customers the satisfaction that someone is here to listen to them and also helps us improve customer experience.

Measuring CSAT without direct Feedback

Not only we help you collect feedback to measure CSAT scores, we also help you measure CSAT without any feedback. We do data scrapping, collect important insights and learn from customer behavior to collect data and track them according to their likes and dislikes. This helps us with important planning and measuring CSAT scores by mapping the customer journey. 

Our Tactics to Improve CSAT

Understanding customers

Understanding the psychology of your customers, identifying and meeting their needs and connecting them through personalized conversations strengthen the relationship. When customers are satisfied they become your brand advocates and share their success stories and experiences with others. They feel values, listened and cared about and this is the best way to achieve higher CSAT scores. At ChatPandas, we make personal relationships with customers.

Delivering multi channel support

We provide multi channel support and we are present wherever your customers are. It helps us streamline conversations and no matter which channel the customer selects to reach you, we make sure we are there to help them on their preferred channels. This gives us an opportunity to connect with customers and created a unified brand experience which translates to higer csat scores.

Maintaining customer service etiquette

Our ChatPandas are the best in their field! They are professional enough to customize their responses based on the situation, geographical location of the customer and take care of the cultural nuances of their customer base. They use positive words and phrases, listen proactively to your customers, offer gratitude, talk with empathy and maintain transparency. This has a lasting impact on your customers and creates a satisfied customer base.

24/7 Customer support

Our ChatPandas stand with your customers 24/7 and provide instant support no matter day or night, rain or shine. We answer queries on urgent basis and reduce the number of support tickets and reduce back log. We guide your customers through their entire life cycle starting from awareness, acquisition, engagement and retention.

Acting on the feedback

Acting on the feedback is the basic expectation a customer have from the company. The feedback collected has no value unless proper actions are not taken and strategies are not implemented to pave way for better CSAT scores. When customers know that they are being listened to and the companies are understanding their issue, their satisfaction with the brand increases. We make sure we implement strategies and act upon the feedback provided by your customers.

Reducing waiting times

Call centers are notorious for their waiting times and this is the major pain point of customers. Nothing annoys a customer more than waiting to get their queries resolved. This can have a huge imapact on your customer satisfaction scores. Our industry leading ChatPandas resolve their queries in the shortest time possible and our agents are there to serve them 24/7. Not only that, we also keep the surveys short so they are eager to complete it and send their feedback.

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