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Omni Channel Tech Support

Offering a complete technical support solution to improve your user’s overall customer experience.

24/7 Answering Services

When a consumer has a problem with one of your goods or services, call support is typically the first option that comes to their mind. Our technical support experts are always ready to answer your clients’ calls right away. With our technical support experts, they can register their concerns and enjoy first contact resolution. If their issue needs to be escalated, we handle it effectively until they have a workable solution. We make follow-up calls as well to make sure the customers are happy with our solutions to their issues.

Live Chat Management

Sometimes, the customers want to take things slower so they choose live chat to get the answers. They provide data, links, and screenshots pertaining to their problem easier in comparison to other communication modes. Live chat makes it easy for them to explain their predicament. Our live chat representatives can quickly decipher such data and determine the root issues. Then, we adhere to the procedure created by your specialists specifically for that kind of instance. We can remotely fix the underlying problem and monitor system performance in follow-ups.

Email Tickets Management

We ensure that our email ticket management (which includes email ticket submission, assignment, and resolution) has been tailored to meet the demands of your company at various times of the day. In order to assure consumers won’t have to wait more than 24 hours for a response, we respond to each email within 15 minutes. Email ticket management, when used in conjunction with our phone support and live chat services, produces faster results than using just one type of contact. 

Product Support Community

Our qualified customer care representatives keep an active product support community in addition to your FAQ area. Customers frequently search such threads in quest of the tags that are most pertinent to their present predicament. If they are unable to obtain precise answers, they post their queries in the hopes of getting feedback from people who have had a similar issue as well as, of course, a customer service agent. We make sure that customers’ issue is answered in a satisfactory way leaving a positive impression about the organization. 

Social Media Platforms

For creating tailored solutions, real-time data never goes out of fashion due to being current & accurate for defining the customer’s pain point. In order to find a solution, we track your customer’s journey from phone assistance to social media. Your clients may visit our active social media pages and groups to get prompt and practical responses to their inquiries. We are always keeping an eye on how your consumers are interacting with your social media platforms, so it’s simple to identify typical and particular concerns. With a comprehensive guide, the most frequent scenarios may potentially be included to your FAQ page in the future. 

Centralized Technical Support

We can simultaneously collect data on client interactions with several communication paths because of our central command center. No matter where a client posts a complaint, it is always handled as one. Since there are no repeats and agents from all channels work together to find the best solution for your customer, this enhances the overall effectiveness of our technical support.


We first collect customer’s problem detail and then start finding the right resolution for it. Our agents are trained to follow protocols while offering the solutions based on the scenario. 

Web security

While offering technical solutions, our agents take care of customer’s privacy and adhere to set protocols to maximize the security layer in the interactions. 

App crashing

We work tirelessly to resolve the app crashing issues for the user that can prove a nightmare for the developers and disrupt a pleasant customer journey. 

Bug elimination

We know the frustration that a bug causes in user’s experience while using an app so we actively work on eliminating bugs to create an excellent customer experience. 

Software updates

Our level 3 technical support experts remotely access user’s app to enable updates and keep the app in working order for them to avail new features. 

Remote installation

For creating a please impression in your customer’s eyes, our technical support agents offer remote installation facility to new customers who are not very much familiar with the app. 

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