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Verification Services

Outsource email help desk for background checks

With our exceptionally trained email operators, you will be able to offer background check services to your customers. By hiring our email agents to help your team in running background checks, you may significantly improve the quality of your customer service. We are here to assist you in responding to your inquiries 24/7/365, so there will be no late answers. We can lend you a hand if your customer asks you to look at a CV to check their background for criminal records. By having our experts work with your personnel, you may increase your ability to do criminal record checks.

Email customer services to verify qualifications

For your clients, we can expedite the qualification verification procedure while hiring someone for a job role. Our email help desk representatives are skilled in evaluating the validity of the credentials offered by your clients for work-related objectives, including educational and professional backgrounds. We know that wrong information worries a customer. For example in healthcare if a customer wants to hire a caretaker for a senior welfare center, verification is really important. Here is where our email operators come in handy to see if they actually completed the internships and graduated from the college listed on their job application. Also, we can help you search employee databases for reviews of their previous employers. We pay close attention to detail while writing reports and databases.

Email ticket management for credit reporting

We can organize credit records to safeguard your clients from poor investments. Our well-trained email agents can plan and carry out in-depth research on the business that your customer is interested in purchasing or investing in. We can help your specialists acquire legal information about that company and verify whether they have been operating in accordance with the regulations of their particular industry. We can also publish complete information on their corporate structure, management, owners, and shareholders. We will also calculate that company’s credit scores, which show the degree of danger it poses. You can sit back and relax while we assess your investment opportunities.

Outsource email support for document verifications

Our email operators are available to collaborate around-the-clock in order to protect your clients from deceptive attempts to get bogus papers authorised. Even after hours, we may continue to operate as directed by your employees to save your time and resources. We will adhere to your established procedures to carry out objective examinations if they desire to have the validity of their training certificates and professional credentials examined. We are aware of the repercussions falsified documents may have on you and your clients. Our email operators provide reports with their findings once all the testing are finished. Your client will receive the documents once we have your consent.

Managed email service desk for biometric verification

If your industry requires biometric identity, we can help you verify the authenticity of any materials that your client has doubts about. Our email representatives promise a 15-minute turnaround time so that requests for biometric confirmation may be immediately handled by your system.

Document authenticity

Our email agents can help verify the validity of certain documents using a variety of methods and then can inform your clients of the findings.

Criminal record search

When your customer shares a person’s profile to check for criminal records, we can assist in compiling data on any potential illegal activity.

Account confirmation

Our email support team can determine whether all newly created accounts associated with your company or those of your clients have received the confirmation links or codes necessary to get registered.

Financial status report

Your clients may email you to ask for a detailed financial history of a person or business for a certain time period. We can help you create thorough reports about them.

Professional references

Our ChatPandas can assist in verifying information of personal references offered by applicants when they apply for a job role.

Biometric comparisons

Using the most recent software provided by your clients, we may compare biometric verification material to establish whether it belongs to the claimed persons.

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