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Traditional Metrics Report

Get real-time insights into your team’s performance and individual stats with our on-demand email support performance analytics.

Customer Churn Rates

Our email agents keep track of the growth of your customer base and also alert you to any potential losses due to customer churn. By presetting parameters with your staff, we can monitor the customers who are leaving your business for your competitors. Our customer support team maintains records of their reasons for abandonment, allowing us to provide you with detailed reports and analysis. We regularly inform you of customer churn rates for the time period you have requested, providing you with valuable insights to optimize your business strategy. By focusing on customer retention and identifying the reasons for customer churn, we can help you implement measures to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Reporting Quality Scores

Our email support team continuously monitors your ads, keywords, and landing pages to compile data for quality score benchmarks. By drawing conclusions about your quality scores before they drop, we can help you avoid investing more without receiving satisfactory returns. Our reports on quality scores include recommendations for optimizing relevant elements, enabling you to devise better plans for your ads, keywords, and landing pages. This direct approach ensures higher quality scores and more significant business opportunities. With our help, you can achieve and maintain high-quality scores, leading to increased traffic, lower costs, and more effective marketing campaigns.

Net Promoter Scores

Our email support team conducts regular surveys to calculate net promoter scores for your business based on time periods set by your experts. We design easy-to-fill survey forms where customers rate their experience on a point scale. The collected data is then used to calculate your net promoter score, which reflects the percentage of customers actively promoting your brand. Our reports provide a detailed analysis of customer loyalty and recommendations to increase it. With these surveys, we provide valuable insights to help you understand your customers and tailor your services to their needs.

First Contact Resolution

Our customer support aims to improve first contact resolution rates for your business. We provide organized data in our reports about the success rates of resolving various queries and complaints on the first contact. This information helps you identify areas for improvement and create a marketing strategy to surpass your competitors. We also offer recommendations for enhancing your overall first contact resolution strategies to ensure consistency in customer service. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to elevate your business’s customer support quality.

Average Complete Query Resolution Time

Our reports include detailed analysis of customer satisfaction levels for different types of queries and the resolution time it takes to fulfill them. We monitor outliers and provide insights on trends in query resolution times to help you identify areas that require improvement in your customer services. By categorizing queries, we can determine which product/service categories contribute to longer resolution times. Our records clearly show the difference between averages calculated for resolution times, allowing you to make informed decisions about increasing the number of customer support agents. This information can help you optimize your operations and increase customer satisfaction, resulting in higher retention rates and more positive word-of-mouth promotion.

Response Times

Our reports show response times for customer support during different periods, helping you gauge productivity and manage recruitment based on customer satisfaction.

Scheduling Tasks

Our reports assist in managing incoming traffic at various hours, as all customer support duties are carried out in adherence to strict schedules developed with your staff.

Checking Accuracy

We ensure the accuracy of traditional metric reports by using approved formulas and presenting data in charts and graphs that are optimized for precise estimates.

Testing Efficiency

Our reports focus on the efficiency of your customer service and offer recommendations for resource management to improve productivity.

Service Levels

We assess the productivity of your customer service by tracking service levels during various periods, including daily, weekly, and yearly. Our reports offer a comparison of incoming traffic and query resolution rates to help you evaluate your customer service performance.

Setting KPIs

Our reports on traditional metrics prioritize key performance indicators that provide you with relevant and accurate insights into the output of your customer support strategies.

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