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Productivity Analysis Report

Discover how we align our strategies and services with your business goals and objectives to achieve the desired outcomes.

Measuring Query Response Times

At ChatPandas, we prioritize the speedy management of your email tickets to ensure a faster response time, a key advantage of outsourcing. Our email operators carefully track the response time for each of the millions of queries you receive daily. By recording the response time for every single email, we calculate an average response time for your business. This valuable information can be included in your promotional strategies and contributes to your brand’s promises. Using tags to categorize different types of queries, we present the average response time for each category in our detailed reports. We also inform you about the first response time for all types of queries, providing a comprehensive overview of your email support performance.

Average Ticket Resolution Time

Measuring the effectiveness of your customer support team can be done through average ticket resolution time. Our email operators keep track of the time taken to provide a solution for each query and create records for different categories. We mark queries that took longer than average to resolve and provide explanations for the time taken. We also offer suggestions for improvement, following protocols developed by your team to minimize resolution time.

Counting Conversations per Ticket

In addition to tracking resolution time, we also provide you with data on the number of conversations required for each ticket to be fully resolved. This metric varies greatly depending on the complexity of the issue and any specific customer requests. Our email operators diligently mark each ticket with its subject and category, providing insight into which categories typically require a higher number of conversations. Whether the same email operator handles all conversations or multiple operators are involved, we ensure that all details are recorded and included in our reports for your analysis.

Number of Tickets per Email Agent

To accurately assess the productivity levels of your email customer services, our reports offer a section dedicated to the performance of email operators. While there are many factors involved, one simple method to check their competence is by examining the number of tickets managed by each agent. We can provide this metric for a given period of time, even dividing it into weeks, months, years, or terms. Our reports contain records of the number of tickets resolved by each email agent, offering insights into the demand for email support and the resources invested in it.

First Contact Resolution Analysis

Our reports highlight the first contact resolution rate which is crucial for a positive customer experience. We provide metrics on the number of tickets resolved without follow-ups, categorized by subject and category.

Manage Ticket Backlog

Our reports keep you informed of any ticket backlog that could affect the quality of your email support. We provide details on the reasons for the backlog, predictions, and suggestions for improvement.

First Response Time

We include a section in our productivity analysis reports that focuses on the first response time for various types of queries. This information can reveal potential correlations and help you create optimization strategies.

Average Response Time

Our reports provide information on the average response time of your business at different timescales such as hours, days, weeks, or months. This allows you to make comparisons and track trends in your performance over time.

Forecast Accuracy

We utilize dependable formulas to furnish you with information regarding the accuracy of your email customer service forecasts. This insight helps you understand the demand versus supply and prepares you for peak hours in advance.

Benchmarking Report

We believe that benchmarking data can provide valuable context to the metrics included in our productivity analysis report for your email support. By comparing your performance to industry standards, you can gain a better understanding of your standing in the market and identify areas for improvement.

Customer Satisfaction

Our email operators use important metrics to measure your productivity levels at different times, providing you with insights into customer satisfaction and the experiences you create.

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