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Knowledge Base Report

Our email support provides comprehensive reports on the quality of your knowledge base and actionable insights on how to enhance it.

Optimizing Self-Care Portal

We understand that your customers’ needs and expectations are constantly evolving. By analyzing customer behavior and feedback, we can provide insights into areas where your self-care portal may be lacking or where improvements can be made. We track metrics such as user engagement, page views, and search queries to determine how well your self-service portal is meeting the needs of your customers.

Our email agents are experienced in managing and maintaining online self-service systems. We can identify gaps in information or processes, recommend improvements, and implement optimization strategies to improve customer experience. By continuously monitoring and optimizing your self-service portal, we can help you reduce customer support costs, increase customer satisfaction, and build a stronger relationship with your customers.

Product Support Community

Our email support team can help you maintain an active and effective product support community. We provide regular reports on the community’s performance and suggest methods to improve it for your customers. Our goal is to create a user-driven platform that meets your customers’ needs. With our 24/7 email support, we can keep your product community active day and night.

We monitor the topics of discussion in your product community to understand the dynamic trends and contribute to successful marketing campaigns. By analyzing the questions posted in the community, we can update your FAQ section to address the most common issues faced by your customers. We also use community members’ behavior to identify necessary adjustments for the user interface of your product support community. Our email operators work with your staff to ensure that your product support community remains a valuable resource for your customers.

Knowledge Base Performance

We strive to turn your knowledge base into a primary resource for your customers through continuous monitoring and improvement. Our reports focus on the major benefit of ticket deflection for your company, which is possible through optimized knowledge base articles. Our email operators keep you updated on the relationship between knowledge base optimization and ticket deflection, providing insights on the big picture.

To ensure customer satisfaction, we integrate a feedback mechanism at the end of each article, allowing customers to rate their experience with a simple yes or no. This feedback helps us report on whether the knowledge base is meeting customer expectations. Based on our findings, we develop optimization strategies to increase the deflection rate and boost the productivity of your customer support.

Common Customer Requests

We prioritize common customer problems in our knowledge base reports to ensure they receive the attention they require. By highlighting these issues, we help your staff better understand the needs of your customers and address them proactively.

Failed Searches

We include a section on failed searches in our reports to help you identify gaps in your self-care portal. This allows you to address any unanswered queries your customers may have, improving their experience with your business.

Product Issues

We understand the urgency of addressing product concerns, especially during new releases when your business has invested time and resources. Our email support keeps you informed of any customer issues so you can promptly develop solutions and ensure customer satisfaction.

Trending Topics

Our email support team provides you with regular updates on the most popular topics being discussed in your product support communities. By measuring customer response to these topics, you can better optimize your products and services to meet their needs and expectations.

Existing Demands

We provide valuable insights into the demands of your customers that we frequently notice but have not been addressed yet. This feedback can be used to improve your self-care portal and meet the expectations of your customers.

Analyzing Ratings

We gather direct feedback from your customers on the helpfulness of articles and videos in your knowledge base. This valuable information is compiled and used to improve the effectiveness of your knowledge base for better customer support.

Optimization Strategy

Our reports on your self-care portal provide you with valuable information beyond just optimizing it. We also analyze customer feedback to help improve your products, services, and overall customer support. With our comprehensive approach, we ensure that you are equipped with all the necessary information to make data-driven decisions for your business.

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