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Drip Campaign Analytics

Discover the number of interests and nurtured leads we generated.

Email Open Rates

To achieve a healthy email open rate, it is important to understand and benchmark your current email open rates. Our email operators diligently monitor the open rates of various segments in your drip campaigns. We compile this data into comprehensive reports to provide insights into the performance of your email campaigns. Our reports highlight the open rate results of each segment and identify the times when the open rates were the highest. This information can assist you in refining your email marketing strategy and achieving better results. With our expertise, we can help you optimize your email campaigns for maximum engagement and increased open rates.

Email Click-Through Rates

Our team tracks the click-through rates of your drip campaigns for different products and services, along with the best times to schedule emails based on the data. Our reports provide insights on which campaigns are performing well in terms of click-through rates, as clicking on hyperlinks directly sends subscribers to your landing pages. We can use this information to predict potential paying customers and contribute to your business revenue. Our aim is to help you optimize your drip campaigns for maximum effectiveness and return on investment.

Lead Nurturing Results

We analyze the effectiveness of your lead nurturing campaigns to provide you with insights on which strategies are yielding the most results. Our email operators collect and evaluate data on the performance of each campaign, highlighting those that are generating the most leads and those that are underperforming. Our reports also provide valuable information on which audience segments are responding positively to your lead nurturing efforts, allowing you to optimize your strategies for maximum impact. With our recommendations for improvement, you can optimize your lead nurturing campaigns and increase your chances of converting prospects into loyal customers.

Analyzing Engagement

Our email agents are always diligently tracking the engagement of your subscribers with your ongoing drip campaigns. We can analyze their response to make conclusions about the success of various aspects of your drip campaigns. Our reports include information about the timings during which engagement was highest and lowest. This may assist you in scheduling emails for your drip campaigns. We can also give you insight on what kinds of email formats and templates gained the most favor from your subscribers.

Agent Attrition

High attrition rates have a tremendous impact on call centers because they lose revenue as a result. However, we have employed measures to reduce it which starts with optimizing a rigorous hiring process, enhanced training programs, customer centric metrics, establishing clear communication channels, establishing recognition and rewards program and embracing a coaching culture.

We provide a skill based development programs, offer continuous opportunities for promotion of our employees and provide the latest software and tools and continuously improve work conditions. Because of these measures we have managed to make our attrition rate as low as 10-15%.

Email Forwarding Rates

Our reports on email forwarding rates for your drip campaigns are an effective way to identify which subscribers are actively promoting your brand. By analyzing the data, we can provide insights into which types of emails are more likely to be forwarded and shared, and which subscribers are most likely to do so. This information can help you to focus your efforts on these key subscribers to drive sales and increase brand awareness. Our email operators can also provide recommendations on how to create more share-worthy emails that will resonate with your subscribers and encourage them to promote your brand even further.

Measuring Data of ROI

Our email agents provide you with reports on the return on investment (ROI) of your ongoing drip campaigns to assist you in long-term planning. We analyze the data collected from these campaigns and draw conclusions about their impact, allowing you to see their performance compared to each other. This comparative analysis helps you determine which drip campaigns are the most profitable for your business and which ones may need to be adjusted or discontinued. With this information, you can make informed decisions about where to invest your resources for maximum ROI.

Conversion Rate

We compile conversion rate data for each drip campaign to determine its success. This helps you identify which campaigns are generating the most conversions for your business.

Measuring CTR

Our reports provide your marketing team with insights on the traffic generated to your landing pages through active drip campaigns, along with the click-through rates based on different times of the day.

Net Promoter Score

We have increased Net promoter score of our clients from -32% to 88% in a year.

We calculate Net Promoter Score using a scale of 0-10 and ask customers how likely are they to recommend the brand to a friend. As we all know that a happy customer is a walking advertisement, we give great importance to customer perception. NPS is a leading indicator from growth and along with other benchmarks, it gives a complete view of customer experience performance and it can be a predictor of business growth. Our NPS score usually falls from 60-70.

Bounce Rates

We provide bounce rate data for your drip campaigns to help optimize their performance, ensuring your emails reach the intended audience and improve engagement.

List Growth

We provide regular updates on the progress of your drip campaigns and list growth for different marketing strategies, along with recommendations to improve your list growth.

Email Sharing

Our reports provide insights on the email content that resonates most with your subscribers and when they are most likely to share it, based on the data collected from your drip campaigns.

Calculating ROI

We strive to offer you comprehensive and accessible reports on the performance of your email drip campaigns, including ROI analysis and recommendations for optimization.

Renewal Count

Our regular drip campaign analysis reports provide insights into your changing subscriber numbers, including those who have renewed their subscriptions through email support.

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