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Customer Happiness Report

Track customer satisfaction with our service metrics.

Designing Email Survey Forms

Measuring customer satisfaction is a crucial part of any successful business. Our email support team can help you gain insights into the minds of your customers by providing survey forms designed specifically for your industry. Our experienced email agents take the initiative to ask the right questions to your customers about their concerns, ensuring that they feel valued and heard. With a scale of 1-10, we can categorize your customers into segments based on their satisfaction level with your products and services. We also include open-ended questions to gather more specific feedback. By conducting these surveys, you can gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs and preferences, and make improvements accordingly.

Email Query Resolution Ratings

We understand that your customers’ satisfaction with your email support is crucial to your business success. Therefore, we gather feedback from your customers to measure their perception of your customer support. Whenever we respond to their emails, we provide them with the opportunity to rate our assistance with a simple yes or no option. By doing so, we encourage more customers to participate in ratings, which allows us to accurately calculate the ratio of positive to negative feedback. This information helps us develop effective email support strategies that increase customer happiness and loyalty.

Managing Customer Complaints

Instead of relying on costly survey forms or feedback platforms, our email operators take complaints as valuable feedback for your business. We pay careful attention to the specific complaints of your customers, often discovering related issues or underlying concerns. Each complaint is recorded with detailed descriptions and actions taken for resolution, and tagged for easy reference in our official reports. This approach allows us to address existing problems while also identifying minor concerns that could affect customer satisfaction.

Analyzing Customer Feedback Data

At our email support, we receive a constant stream of data from your customers which we categorize based on your preferences. This data can be sorted by time, topic or type, and then analyzed from various angles depending on your interests. For example, you may want to study customer feedback for a certain range of products or know which service subscription is the most popular among them. Our customer happiness reports provide clear data and useful insights derived from this analysis.

Optimizing Customer Support Strategy

Once we have collected and analyzed customer feedback data and created reports, it’s time to move towards optimization. We can help you improve various processes within your company based on our customer happiness reports. These reports highlight what your customers like and dislike, enabling us to assist you in gaining their approval.


Our survey forms provide a way for your customers to share their opinions on your brand, products, services, and customer support.

Services Ratings

Our email agents compile ratings from various platforms to calculate an average rating for your services.

Product Reviews

Our email support operates around the clock and we regularly monitor and analyze customer reviews from various platforms to provide brief conclusions in our reports.

Resolution Ratings

Our email operators regularly monitor and record customer feedback on resolved queries to ensure 100% customer satisfaction for your business.

Complaint Reports

We pay close attention to the details in your customers’ complaints. Our email operators record their feedback on our resolution methods to ensure our reports are accurate and complete.

Brand Rankings

Outsourcing your email support can provide you with frequent reports on how well your company is performing compared to competitors in the industry, from various perspectives.

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