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Your purpose

Your purpose

The primary focus before building any strategy is to know the purpose that we want it to serve. Our email campaign may want to get potential customers, reach out to new ones, launch a product or test the reaction of the customers on the launch of the new product, increase awareness about the brand, answer frequently asked questions or just provide assistance with the technical aspect. 

Our experts can work with you to find the purpose and then devise a plan based on that.

Email marketing campaigns

There is a whole thought process involved in the email drip campaigns that we design for your business. We make sure to analyze buying trends of your customers, research about their behavior, their interests and even ask questions to know about their interests and then design email campaigns. We make sure every email depicts the ethics, values, vision and mission of your business. We run targeted email campaigns and schedule them so as not to waste time and resources.

Direct sales through email

Our thorough research is beneficial for you as we are able to target the customer based on their needs. We analyze purchase trends and share the data with the sales team to include that research into their methods and optimize them. As we constantly evolve our approach, make it personalized and make the customer feel valued, we are able to get sales through our emails. We deploy intelligent cross selling and upselling techniques to get maximum ROI.

Customer complaint center

Instead of making your customer wait for multiple business days, we respond to them in under 30 minutes, making our email response time one of the fastest. Hiring ChatPandas give your customer the option to directly email their concerns. It doesn’t matter if your customer received a faulty product or service, have an issue with billing, payment or order placement, our ChatPandas make sure they are available for the needs of your customer and never leave an email unattended.

24/7 technical support

Our ChatPandas are experts in providing up to tier 3 technical support. Technical queries can present themselves as an unavoidable nuisance, taking up time of your team which can be used in product development and research. Outsourcing your tech support to us means your customer are able to take advantage of your product at its full capacity. We make sure to provide tier 3 technical support which includes managing software updates, diagnosing malware, troubleshooting and fixing bugs.

Email tickets management

We provide instant response time of 30 minutes to your customer so they don’t have to wait for long to get their queries resolved. We understand the importance of quick and efficient resolution of queries and hence our email ticket management is all about quickly pinpointing the problem and answering the questions. You customers will know that there is someone always present to take care of their queries and their loyalty with your brand will continue to grow.

Customer database maintenance

It is a tough job to maintain the data of all of your customers and this is why our ChatPandas are here to take the database management off of your hands. Our ChatPandas are trained to update the database with the record of your customers and share it whenever required.

Product informationHow it affects Benchmarks?

Our ChatPandas are familiar with the ins and outs of your product and this enables them to guide the customers effectively.

Buying subscriptions

Our ChatPandas are always present to guide your customers about the service better suited to their needs so that you can get optimal customer satisfaction.

Technical problemsBuying subscriptions

Our ChatPandas can provide upto tier 3 technical support and solve all kinds of queries related to the technical side of your product.

Marketing planning

OWe can help you with marketing strategies by conducting research on purchase trends and by analyzing the purchase history of the customer. ur ChatPandas are always present to guide your customers about the service better suited to their needs so that you can get optimal customer satisfaction.

Handling complaints

Handling complaints is our forte! We become an organic extension of your in-house team and can handle complaints 24/7, without any delay. We even go a step further and ensure follow ups to make sure your customers are fully satisfied.

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