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Our Process Designing

With our live chat reporting, we help you spot the minor discomforts that lead you to offer extraordinary quality via your products/services.

Our Process Designing

We have a process in place to assign tickets, mange queues, escalate tickets, devise campaigns, deploy strategies to cross sell and upsell, define organizational roles and set up tier support. We have a mechanism in place for triage and priority support where our ChatPandas can categorize tickers based on priority and customers are also able to flag their tickets. If we need to resolve more tickets and make the process faster, we automate it at times and make it even more efficient.

Assignment of email tickets

Replying to email tickets is not a simple process. Whenever a ticket is generated, it is automatically assigned to the agent in queue. Sometimes there may be a customer who prefers their queries to be solved by a specific agent or the query may be too complex to be handled by one agent. During some seasons, the influx of the queries may be a little higher and so the tickets by be assigned to other agents. We have triggers set in place to route the tickets to the relevant person.

Management of email queues

We have to resolve tickets fast to deliver our promised response time of 30 minutes. For this reason, we have to resolve tickets as they arrive so no customer has to wait for long. Time and efficiency are important factors while ticket handling and we make sure we satisfy all our customers with our response time and satisfactory answers. If our email operators notice a ticket with high priority, we move them up on our priority list for queue management.

Preparing for escalations

At ChatPandas, we have a clear support hierarchy and segmentation of specializations in place for more efficient and quick resolution of queries. We do not hesitate to escalate the tickets to a specialized person who will be better suited to answer queries related to a specific topic. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and sometimes we have take steps to ensure that the query always go towards someone who is the best available person to answer it.

Sales strategies for email

Our ChatPandas are trained to provide answers based on the cultural nuances and the geographical location of the customer. They identify the customer based on their buying history and customize their responses based on the requirements of the customer. By analyzing the needs of the customer, our ChatPandas are better able to suggest them additional services or products and taking them towards buying and cross selling. We also guide them about the product which is best suited to their needs so they are fully satisfied with the purchase.

Setting up tier systems

We provide 3 level tech support which includes issue tracking, configuration control, remote troubleshooting, support regarding product activation, billing, integration issues and software installation. Not only that, we also provide product training and extensive in app technical support.

Our ChatPandas assist your customers around the globe (24/7, 365 days).

We become an extension of your company providing up to tier 3 tech support which can not only convert potential buyers who look up the product on the web but can also resolve complaints from existing buyers and thus helping with customer retention.

Defining email support roles

For everyone working in our email support team, there is a specific role designate to them. We have a hierarchy in place in our organization and we route complicated queries to a specialist who can assist our customers in a better way.

Flagging emails

Those emails that demand advanced care or dealing with time-sensitive issues are flagged and assigned to the email agent most capable of handling them.

Response times

We provide instant response times and are available round the clock, rain or shine to assist your customers in any hour of the day.

Priority cases

We push the priority cases or some dealing with an emergency to the front end of the queue so they can be dealt first.

Automation setup

We have all the latest tools to collect and analyze data, developing strategies, analyzing trends, implementing processes and measuring results.

Protocol design

We build protocol designs and test them before launching for the satisfaction of your customers.

Managing sales

Our ChatPandas are exceptionally trained to execute sales strategies to make your customers purchase your product leading to better sales.

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