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Our Strategy

Stay online round the clock to answer every chat, solving visitor queries, & maintaining your positive image.

Our Strategy

We understand that nothing can be achieved without strategizing our goals first. We collect information about your customers, identify their purchase trends, suggest email templates, design drip campaigns, do customer journey mapping and share our findings with you. Keeping your qualitative and quantitative goals in mind, we devise a plan, devise budget and evaluate results. 

Our strategy is a guarantee to success since we invest so much time and effort in devising the best plan for you.

Your customers’ behavior & interaction

We do not believe in just mindlessly devising campaigns. Our strategy starts with gathering data about the purchase trends of your customer, their preferences and mapping their touch points in the customer journey. With this data, we are able to find out what your customers are interested in and their reponse towards the new product or the new campaign. Armed with this data, we are in a better position to plan strategies related to your drip campaigns. 

Knowledge banks on your business

After learning abour customer behavior, we learn more about your brand the queries that come on your way, based on this knowledge, we are able to effectively build knowledge banks and FAQs. This also comes in handy while we are training our employees. We make our employees practice on simulations before they start interacting with your customers. Our ChatPandas become better prepared to answer the questions of your customers promptly and effectively

Support manuals for products & services

As we know more and more about your product, we are better prepared to answer queries presented by your customers. We are also able to suggest them products based on your needs so they can make an informed decision. Support manuals are a great resource to help our ChatPandas serve your customers. We always develop support manuals during our training process before our ChatPandas take charge on the floor. We always refer back to them while answering questions about the features of your products.

Developing content strategy & schedules

It is very important to set the right frequency of the message which should be sent to your customers. We categorise your customer and devise personalized strategies based on their purchase trends. We divide customers into groups consisting of individuals who share similar traits in the stages of their customer journey or interactions with your products/ services. This helps us to personally target them based on their requirements and the information that they need. Every strategy is a planned idea to drive them closer towards a sale.

Analysis of your competitors’ data

Not only do we analyse trends of your customers, we also study your competitors and make reports about what they are offering and if they have adopted any new technological innovation. Analyzing your competitors also gives us an idea about the recent trends in the market and makes us better prepared to run targeted campaigns for your customers.

Measuring business project outcomes

Our email help desk closely monitor the progress and outcomes of our strategy and we analyze the response of your customers to find our which campaign has been the most successful and where can we improve. We keep working on further develop our strategies to better suit to your customers’ needs.

Customer research

We carry out research on our customers and their buying behaviors to develop strategies for business processes. We take the help of software to make reports and share this valuable information with you.

Identifying goals

Our management has continuous discussions with you to find out your ROI objectives so we can develop better strategies and understand your business processes.

Designing content

We design targeted content based on the needs of your customers, their requirements and their place in the customer journey.

Marketing automation

At ChatPandas, we deploy latest marketing automation tools based on the target audience and business goals.

Analyzing results

Our ChatPandas analyse results of our strategies real time and adjust them according to the responses by your customers.

Project reporting

Once we have collected all the data, we compile them and share it with your team to review so it can help you with product development and make improvements based on customer feedback.

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